Crampon for mountaineering and the ice climbing

A real climbers equipment basement crampons may missing never. Many ice climbers and high tourers have even a slew of crampons models at home, from which you can choose according to the area. Finally nothing should go in the dream tour in the mountains wrong.

Different crampons of types of

differ basically in high tour and ice climbing crampons crampons can depending on the intended use. Of course, there are also a number of all-round models that can be used for both. < Br > for easy glacier hikes and ski tours is advisable to choose a special light crampons. Especially in the field of ski touring the crampons are often lighter aluminium. For glacier tours, you can choose a model made of steel, with ten points are completely sufficient. Also, you should be sure not too long to choose the points, because this only upsets when walking. Demanding mountaineering and light ice climbs of a classic 12-tooth is recommended climbing iron.

Crampons for tooling, steep ice and mixed climbing

For advanced climbers, there are a whole range of crampons with sophisticated technical details. So there’s crampons with interchangeable or on Mono points to upgrade available front teeth. The front teeth of the extreme models are longer and more extreme-shaped and also the remaining points are designed to use in steep terrain. The ice climbing shoe, a boot with integrated PIPs in the sole is advisable in most difficult tours.