Crafts – Let's Make Art?

A selection of interesting ideas that we can make, some with more others with less difficulty, but all beautiful and useful.. Two blogs and websites: wall cand yarts, the decorista, show and tell, stipjem and gntdotglobodotcom.
Wood covered with fabric, forming pockets. A small wooden clothesline and ribbons. Ready: A paper door, cards, reminders, etc., super cute for your desktop
Look at that different idea for that candlelight dinner: Strips of fabric of various colors and sizes stitched together creating a very unique plaid tablecloth under
These need a basic knowledge of electricity: a lamp base with a glass of red wine (the glass should be very wide and the lamp preferably cold. It may be on the heap (mechanism on the top) or the wire descends glued to the glass or, If possible, drill the cup internally and pass the wire through it.The other idea is a lamp made with pasta noodles.
Do you know those cups left over from the set that is over? So just glue it to the wall and place the wing as a hook to hang kitchen accessories.
A beautiful and simple flower arrangement-Dry branches , in this case, painted white and newspaper sheets, magazines or books cut in circles and folded like this, then glued together.Does not it look beautiful?