Cosmetics & care (68)

Innovative outdoor cosmetics and care protects against the whims of nature

do something for his hands
who is much in the wild weather, should not only through the proper clothing to protect themselves but also by special outdoor cosmetics. To alternately punishing stormy wind, rain, or moisture, cold and heat, as well as strong sunlight and UV radiation the skin. Also the outdoor clothing through the outer weather extremely stressed and needs therefore regular care by special outdoor care products. With special outdoor beauty and the respective outdoor products to do himself, his skin and his outdoor clothing on tour in the mountains and in the nature and again something good.

Outdoor care products and cosmetics for individual use

-Straight climber and boulderer who spend much time on the rock, like to fall on the outdoor care and cosmetics from climb on! back. Climb on! Creams and ointments have been designed for the highly strained and stressed fingers and hands of an ambitious climber and boulderer. Who is on the way, however, for a long time in the nature and would waive excess baggage, which is well advised with the detergents and soaps from sea to Summit or VAUDE. A little comfort must not be missed also on adventure tour.