Cord (10)

Never lose the thread: Tips for selecting the right cord

No matter whether as a Prusik when rappelling or as a replacement for the camping clothes line: accessory cord belongs to the basic equipment of every Outdoorfans in various strengths. The following there are some instructions to choose of the correct variant.

Optics and holding power of Reep cords

, The choice of the colour of Reep cords really is a matter of the own sensibility. Because also like at the climbing rope is a stable core-shell construction, such lines are extremely robust. A has a breaking load of more than 300 kg 3 mm accessory cord. Thickness from 5mm breaking load is already 600 kg.

Diameter and availability of accessory cord

Typically the material thickness at Reep cords go at 2 mm off and then millimeters way up to 7 mm. The optimal ratio of weight to strength cord for all areas of application suitable outside. In the camping and trekking area, many repairs can be with a thin cord (2-4 mm) or perform mounts. This ranges from use as a clothesline on the use as Zipverlängerung or for additional mounting option on the backpack to the staking out of tents. In the climbing area, especially the 4 and 5 mm strong cord is used. At this thickness, it is good knotbar and can be used in a length of 60-80 cm very well as redundancy backup (Prussik) when rappelling. Slightly stronger variants (5-7mm) can be used instead of a sling as a backup (around trees).

Choosing the length of Reep cords

Applies to experience no unpleasant surprise at the node: the thicker the cord, the longer you should buy it. Of course you can start much with a thin cord in less length, because it can be good to knot and place. With a thickness of 5mm, short pieces are under 50cm to manage little more. Taking into account that with the purchase of the cord are no limits the operational area and the creativity!