Cookies for Dogs

The Westwing developed an E-book that brings unprecedented tips and inspirations for the passionate about pet universe.

Cookies for dogs-a treat For your best friend

Dogs are our best friends and loyal companions at PetwithSupplies. Are they demonstrating love while they are near your owner and want your back when you are away. With all the joy that we provide, how about returning the affection with mouth-watering delicacies?
With that in mind, the Westwing created the project Cookies for dogs-a treat For your best friend. The new initiative of the brand has 52 pages filled with tips and recipes from experts and lovers of dogs – all to please four-legged friends.
Declared fan of the universe pet, the Westwing chose some of her own puppies to integrate the e-book. One of them is Jack, shih tzu of Alexandra Tobler, Director of Westwing style. She opens the book as long as the Cub turned your day to day in a real adventure, bringing a new form of love and inspiration to your daily life.
In Cookies for dogs, Alexandra and other westwingers join the veterinarians, trainers, small hotels, celebrities, NGOs and specialized sites to show snacks recipes in order to inspire passionate about dogs to put his hand in the cookie jar and demonstrate all the love they have for their puppies. Among the participants of the e-book are also Alexandre Rossi, TV presenter and expert in animal behavior, and the actress and entrepreneur Karina Bacchi.
The concern with health puppies is also part of the essence of the e-book. So the Westwing met the best expert tips about proper nutrition for dogs, including a comprehensive list of allowed and prohibited items, plus a glossary of ingredients.
Finally, for those who plan to adopt a four-legged friend or increase the family pet, we have a guide with instructions for adoption fairs, NGOs and protectors of animals.