Compression Socks

Compression socks for the training and competition use

Any ambitious runner sets value on a quality running shoe and sports clothing. The theme of running socks is, however, often neglected. It carried the socks when jogging right on the skin. So, they influence the comfort of running and trail running. Compression socks are suitable for training and competition, because they promote blood circulation and speed up recovery.

Fitting fit and high quality mixtures of materials

Similar in special running clothes, sport socks have decisive advantages. Moisture wicking, breathability and a wrinkle-free fit are the most important features to get performance on the track. The most running socks are made of synthetic fibers, or have a cotton synthetic blend. Thereby, the ventilation for a comfortable foot climate plays an important role. Some manufacturers are now using an admixture from Merino or antibacterial treatment.

How compression socks work

Given, really smart compression socks don’t look socks. But on the track, this is seriously important — here include performance, capacity, and performance. A compression sock has a long shaft and is relatively closely knitted by the ankle to below the knee with elastic materials. Therefore the compression stockings feel at first more closely. From top to bottom, an increased pressure exerted on the calves, which encourages the removal of blood and lymphatic fluid. < br / > due to compression, the calf muscles relax and many runners feel fresh until the last kilometer. At the same time, compression socks promote regeneration after the run. With this knowledge in mind, it is easier to challenge the inner Schweinehund.

The choice for running sports weighted to endurance

When all endurance sports where these factors are important compression stockings are worn by leisure sportsmen and professionals. At the marathon, triathlon and skiing athletes on its supportive effect swear area. CEP, Falke, Rohner, Bridgedale, Salomon – all manufacturers are walking in the area of technical running apparel and functional underwear for everyone the right offer.