Comportpet Is a Pioneer in Music Therapy for Pets

The ComportPet, team specializing in animal behavior, was the first to apply in Brazil music therapy focused on pets. The technique aims to promote the relaxation of dogs, cats and birds and even helps in the treatment of diseases.
“Music therapy is widely used in the United States and still not widespread and applied in Brazil” says Bryon, ComportPet, specializing in animal behavior. “In 2012, I lived in the United States, met music therapy for pets and decided to bring her to Brazil, to offer pets a useful technique for your happiness and well-being, and that serves as an adjunct in the treatment of physical and behavioral issues”, he explains. “It is an excellent therapy to calm dogs and cats. It really serves to relax an animal stressed, “she adds.
How it works
According to ComportPet, the specialist music therapy uses music and various elements (melody, harmony, rhythm, and sound) to promote positive changes in pets, physical, mental, social, cognitive and behavior.
Through the technique of music therapy sessions, it is possible to decrease the stress level of an animal, cause him to relax and respond better to treatment in the process of curing a disease. But he warns: the technique should always be applied with the supervision of a trained operative. “First of all, it is necessary to diagnose the animal, and that only an expert in animal behavior can do. If applied inappropriately, music therapy can be ineffective or even worsen the picture presented”.
What are the benefits?
Bryon lists the benefits provided by the music therapy:
Relaxation- Frequent exposure to music harmonica has relaxing effect, antiestresse, soporific and tranquilizer about animals. So she can leave the animal quieter, making him feel more comfortable. The background sounds during the sessions are chosen from a series of studies that show which notes are more comfortable for the dogs.
Physical Benefits- The music reaches various organs and systems of animals: brain, lungs, digestive tract, blood and circulatory system, skin and mucous membranes, muscles and immune system. “Scientific researches prove that music therapy promotes analgesic effect, in addition to maintaining the balance of the circulatory system and the metabolism deep”, he says.
Behavioral Benefits – The technique has regulating effect on the psychosomatic system of pets according to ANIMALERTS. Emotional disorders such as depression, hyperactivity, aggressiveness and the affective lack can be combated with this type of treatment.
On the ComportPet -the ComportPet uses a methodology of work with animals based on four pillars: affection, physical and mental activity, discipline and socialization. Their motto is:we want you and your pet have a healthy and happy coexistence. The team, widely trained in animal behavior and led by experienced trainer Bryon, offers a range of services that includes from the adaptation of children and training of adult animals, to pack rides for socialization, hosting, music therapy, conditioning and advice to owners and pet shops. The ComportPet inaugurated in 2016 the Nursery and ComportPet training center, located at Rua Getúlio Vargas Filho, 41, in Jabaquara in São Paulo