Compasses – with bearing on tour

For the navigation in the site, compasses are essential and include in each backpack. They help in the determination of the location and the path finding. Although the tasks are not very complex, there are serious differences. Because needle and housing it is also a mirror on the right equipment for the bearing such as compass box with rose, North-South lines or depending on the application area.
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Key features

To respond to the orientation and positioning, some minimum requirements should be met:
Compass box: The compass box is a portable ring on the compass with which you can set the number of degrees of deviation from the North. The navigation and location determination is not possible without this ring. North-South lines: is important to ensure that the bottom of the compass is transparent. In addition, North-South lines should exist. So you can lie on the card compasses and with the help of the lines “North”. The needle: The needle should be ideally steamed to not react with every movement with a tremor. This can be done, for example, through a liquid. Also fluorescent markers, which are easy to see at night are practical.

Compasses for navigation with map

For the navigation map, especially a transparent floor with North-South lines is important. Some compasses are in addition equipped with ruler for determining distance and a magnifying glass for card details such as, for example, height information.

The mirror compass for the right bearing

The compass or even bearing compass is equipped with a mirror. Waagegerecht must be kept of the compass, the needle and the compass can can in the tracking of targets hardly see. A mirror allows here the same time dip and adjust the deviation.

Different areas of application

compasses should always be accompanied by Geländeunkundigen. Also for local, a compass approaching fog or cloud reverse slope may be essential.
In combination with a topographical map statements about location, distances and if necessary, even the current level can be meet. For this reason, compasses are ideal for hiking, trekking, tours and all activities where you would like to lose the goal not the eye.