Companion, So Is The Artificial Intelligence of The New HTC

The Taiwanese company HTC just present its new terminals, the Ultra U HTC and HTC U Play in society. Among the innovations presented by the manufacturer is the incorporation of an artificial intelligence system called Companion, According to HCT, whose mission is to make life easier.
IA, Companion system, Learn everything that we do in our device, from our hours of sleep, passing through music or content that we consulted, to the places to which commonly tend to lead to later offer facilities and suggestions.

Custom secondary screen

Companion is designed to search solutions that it will help the user in every day. For example, if tomorrow we have programmed a trip, AI will show us what will the weather be at our destination to provide us, for example, what clothes to choose in our suitcase or perhaps, will tell us what is the status of the road hours before leaving for the airport.
All resulting personalized suggestions Companion analytical work will be presented in a discrete secondary screen. In this way they not monopolized the home screen or will protrude above the main notifications.

Biometric unlock

Like Siri or Google Assistant, Companion will respond to the orders by voice. We will ask you to open or close applications or to configure notes or events. This configuration by voice system responds to three times faster that by pressing on the screen, since the new terminals will be with four microphones always-on specifically designed for this purpose.
Another voice-related innovation is the inclusion of a release system biometric that can lock and unlock the phone with a simple voice command. This system can be combined with the already known unlock through fingerprint.