Coastal Fishing

Coastal fishing jetties, groynes and harbour basin in Denmark and also on the German Baltic Sea coast on marine fish, has become the new leisure activities. Pure variety offers to fishing from the shore on sea trout, cod, flatfish and eels. Many Baltic ports in Denmark, according to the…
Apenrader port or as sea trout Harbour called Jutland by Århus or Sønderborg, and on Sealand, excellent grounds have become for the target fish sea trout. The stone breakwater at the harbour offers good fishing
spots on the pieces of silver in Middelfart. Many species of marine fish come in these nutrition rich water zones, to eat themselves sick of small fish and other aquatic animals.
Coastal fishing in Germany, for the island of Rügen with a coastline of approximately 570 km length is known. Flatfish, sea trout and cod are coveted fish for wading anglers. Rügen is regarded as the best trout fishery in Germany.
Angel-mounting on sea trout in docks and jetties
Rods to 2.70 metres in length with a casting weight 15 to 50 grams, a fixed spool with 0,28er cord is the correct gear for coastal fishing. A long landing net with a stem by at least 2 meters is required in the harbour basin. Fine, it comes with a barrel pose with the lifting capacity from 15 to 20 grams. Offered the bait for trout at different depths. Is a sea trout are starting to expect more in the water depth. With thin wire-Plättchenhaken, the first should be done early. In summer, the sea trout also good for night fishing bite.
Coastal fishing baits for sea trout
On small bait fish to the pose to start its sea trout. Herring pieces in white stripes cut, which should be kept always in motion fish success brings. When the bait of scraps of are exhausted after about 25 minutes, they should be replaced with new. Still a good natural bait is the bristle worm coastal fishing, if you’d like to start a sea trout, cod and eel. Also artificial lures are effective in dock on sea trout. Spoons or spinners should be offered in smaller models in the hot summer months, because the fish are picky at this time when so much food in the water and chasing every bait. In addition, you can install still a by-Catcher in the form of a streamer, wet fly and varies the speed of retrieval.