Climbing Nut Removal Tool

With the clamping wedge Remover against jammed wedges

Who does not know the problem – the leader means time again particularly well with creating the chocks and the belaying his love emergency has with the removal.
Here unnecessary effort, to avoid frustration and a loss of material, it is advisable in any case to have a clamping wedge Remover while climbing. Clamping wedge Remover weigh not much, are often still otherwise applicable and cost the world.

Who needs a clamping wedge remover and what must you look for when purchasing?

Who moves only by bolts to bolt hangers, or anyway only set, will never need a reliable clamping wedge Remover in his climbing life. Who breaks up alpine climbing or mountaineering but the clean climbing, and wants to protect himself, not coming around to a good clamping wedge remover.
The clamping wedge Remover helps not only with the lever out hopelessly jammed wedges. Also friends from deep cracks can be fishing or free holes from dirt with him. In addition, there are models with integrated knife, bottle opener and carabiner – and last but not least, the clamping wedge Remover also for stirring of morning coffee can be used!