Climbing Equipment

With the right climbing equipment at the rock

Sure on the rock with the right equipment
no matter whether it to bouldering, sport climbing, mountaineering or on the via ferrata is, the sport is safe only with the right climbing equipment and is really fun! Of course, there’s no climbing equipment for each mountain sport discipline. The climbing equipment is as varied as the sport itself. Bouldering come with relatively little (climbing shoes, Crashpad, chalk bag and matching climbing clothing). Sport climbers need climbing ropes Additionally to, Expressen, carbine, a climbing helmet and possibly terminal devices or chocks. < br / > if it goes into the mountains and alpine walls are the tours destination, then the choice of climbing equipment is final to science. Here, only the best material is good enough. In addition crampons, ice axes, bivouac equipment, a climbing backpack and lots of alpine experience come to the equipment of the sport climber here – depending on the tour – to use. < br / > no matter whether you plan a relaxing Boulderurlaub in the sunny South or a demanding tour in mountain terrain in the climbing shop the mountain lovers there are for every purpose, each skill level and every budget the right climbing equipment. The brand diversity ranges from Edelrid, mammoth and Black Diamond to La Sportiva, Ocun and Petzl.

Equipment for bouldering

As discussed above, the boulderers are those climbers who come out with the least equipment for climbing. Many see the original, pure climbing in bouldering. It depends not on the material, there are no nerves and in the popular Boulderhallen, the weather is not crucial. What counts are the climbing movements which are necessary to cope with a passage. Originally regarded as training discipline for the ‘real’ climbing, bouldering has become now a completely independent discipline and therefore also very own equipment developed for bouldering. In the climbing shop of the mountaineers found all necessary pieces of equipment. < br / > the climbing shoes, of course, are the most important to the bouldering. You should fit, offer good grip, and allow a good feel for the rock. The Crashpads are the second most important piece of climbing equipment for bouldering: large mats that prevent in the point that it hurt on impact on the ground. They are available in various sizes, thickness and construction methods. Finally you need still a chalk bag and its contents – and the equipment of the boulderers is complete.

What equipment needs a rock climber?

Learned dealing with the equipment is a safety factor
sport climbers need a little more equipment to secure their sporting activity. In addition to the climbing and the chalk bag, the also boulderers always have, consists at least of the sport climber climbing equipment: a climbing rope, express sets, carabiners, a backup device and a climbing helmet. < br / > mostly single ropes are used for sport climbing. They are easy to handle and clipping can be quickly. In the usually relatively straight running tours and good hedge in the climbing, this rope is usually the best choice. Caution: Before boarding a tour you should sure (look at the Klettertopo or locals wondering) if the rope used is really long enough. Many serious accidents have occurred by short ropes. Generally, the motto is: the best rock climbing equipment is only as good as rock climbers, who uses them! A conscientious climber is familiar with every single part of his equipment. In addition to the operating instructions, experienced climbing partner or even better trained climbing instructors can knowledge to the limits and possibilities of climbing equipment communicate. < br / > Expressen act as a bridge of rope and anchors. Carabiner can be used versatile, for example for use in combination with a backup device. For which backup device you choose (tube or semiautomatic) one is ultimately don’t care, as long as is only (see note above) optimally familiar with the device used! < br / > climbing helmets not always be used while still of any climber, you should of but not tempted to. What long has prevailed at the sporty cycling, should be a matter of course for climbers. Helmets protect against a collision during the fall and above down falling stones end. The latter is there even in the busiest climbing and a stone does not choose his goal – no matter whether beginner or expert! Today the climbing helmets no longer look like mushrooms or Salad bowls and the right helmet is guaranteed for any head shape and tastes found in the climbing shop.

Self secure requires more climbing equipment

Perfect security requires a lot of climbing equipment
according to the climbing area is not continuous to secure by bolts or even completely dropped. Then climbing equipment must be transported in addition for the tour’s own protection. Tours, which uses only standalone protection, no longer fall under climbing. In the jargon of the climbing is the athletes now have a clean climber – clean, because after committing the tour, no visible traces remain. Sometimes this type of climbing as Trad is named because the English on their island traditionally has always been the bolts were not necessarily sympathetic. < br / > in addition to the equipment of the sport climber drags the Cleanclimber still securing devices of any kind with. Chocks and clamping devices (such as the famous friends) are used here. Not with the principle of clean climbing are compatible but the classic climbing hook, can leave traces in the rock. Also slings or accessory cords are used as sealing agent, by wrapping them around trees, which grow in the wall, or threads them through so-called hourglasses. What applies to clean climbing, applies for alpine climbing tours as one often encounters them for example in the Dolomites. Here a hedge with bolts is more the exception, the portability and the sovereign handling of Terminal keilen and co are essential. Without this special climbing equipment can be set up here no safe fixed points.

Climbing gear for climbers and mountaineers

For ice climbing and Alpine North wall tours a science becomes final from the choice of climbing equipment and the sport will be a veritable battle of the material. You never know what conditions you will encounter in high alpine climbing tours and must carry all climbing equipment – so both the full equipment of the rock climber and a full ice equipment. < br / > ice climbers need to exercise their sports ropes, backup devices, carabiners, and definitely a helmet. In addition, they are equipped with ice machines, ice screws for protection, crampons and non clothing. An Eiskletteres equipment quickly fills most of a trunk and empties the purses of the sports car even faster. All the more important that you as ice climbers to be missed not a bargain in the climbing outlet can be.