Climbing Backpacks

The best climbing backpack

No matter whether for the path to the route entry to the rock or as a companion for alpine climbing tours: A good climbing backpack is essential for comfortable transport of goods. The backpack must be creating the balancing act between extreme durability and low weight with high wearing comfort. The following therefore some help to choose of a matching backpack for climbing.

General information on material and equipment for climbing backpacks

, Backpacks, specially developed for climbing, exhibit some characteristics, which should facilitate the handling on the wall. One is the typical climbing backpack made of a lightweight material that also has a high abrasion resistance. Because the contact of the outer material with sharp rock edges is inevitable, this is preserved mostly by use of tear-resistant nylon. At the same time, such substances are themselves very easy – and climbing, we know that every gram counts! Another advantage of this processing is that the dense weave makes the upper weatherproof also (limited). Shorter downpour will be fended off so easily. Complete water resistance achieved by using silicone or polyurethane-coated materials. < br / > on the other hand, a climbing backpack despite minimal construction needs reinforcements at stress points and enough mounting options for climbing equipment. Also one or two straps for (semi) should include the standard equipment of a good climbing backpack a wear-resistant floor (due to the weight of carbines or friends) ropes, a Daisychain for Expressen and, where appropriate, loops for ice tools.

Cutting and climbing backpacks back system

Freedom of movement to ensure much backpacks for climbing are generally narrow cut. Smaller models are closely on the back (often without padding), larger climbing backpacks have a flexible, slightly padded back system which provides ventilation and adapts to the curvature of the spinal column when climbing. At the time of purchase is to take into account that the climbing Backpack on the harness is worn (exceptions are harness backpack combinations). Should disturb the closed belt of while climbing backpack, a removable version is recommended. By the elevated seat, it may also happen that for larger models with a long cut helmet and lid of the climbing backpack in the way come up – that absolutely must try!

Size choice for climbing backpacks

The range of small Allrounders with 10L volume to climbing backpacks for Alpine use 50 litres. You should therefore know what it does with the backpack and how long you will wear it for about (increased to, material storage, sport climbing, big wall). In addition, it is important to plan how much equipment in the climbing backpack with must. In addition to the basic equipment of wind jacket, water bottle, and first aid, an icefall may require a full down outfit for the stand package on House Rock. Also with a good climbing backpack to keep optimal motion comfort, as so often, try to share equipment (on), finally climbing is Partnersport!