Chrome Extension: Clock

Bringing to our browser the tools we need can make us have a more complete integration of the tools we use in everyday life.We have managed to be constantly using our browser, which is currently a necessity for most of us.
One of the missing tools for this integration to be even more complete was a clock/stopwatch.Chrome, with its extensions and applications, has Clock available, which will allow you to use a very complete clock whenever you are using this browser, even if you are not connected to the Internet.
Clock is composed of five different tools, but all of them are associated with each other.The first is a calendar, the second is a clock, the third is an alarm clock, the fourth is a chronometer, and the fifth is a timer.
Its presentation is done in a window of its own and each of the tools is inside a specific separator, which makes its use easier.
The Clock, once installed, is hosted on the Chrome Apps page, which can be accessed whenever you open a new tab.


The calendar allows you to view the current time and days of the current month.They can change the month being viewed by using the arrows at the top of the month.You can not make any changes or settings on this tab.


The watch allows you to check the time in different cities of your choice.There is a preset clock with the time of the place where they are and that they can not remove.The addition of new locations is done by indicating the desired city.
Any of the clocks can be moved to the top so that it is simpler to know the time of this place.

Alarm clock

The alarm clock allows a preset sound to be played at the time they are set.For this tool you can set the hours for which the alarm should sound, if this alarm is to be repeated in time, the days of the week when this alarm should ring if you have chosen the option to repeat in time and the sound to be played.
You can set various alarms for the hours that you feel are necessary.


The timer allows you to set a time and the clock will count down until its value reaches zero.The value to be taken to start the countdown is the only parameter that you can set in this tab.


The stopwatch allows you to count the time since you started counting.As with a real chronometer, it is possible to have partial counters and thus record the time of each lap or intermediate times.
This extension is very complete and allows them to have access to all the tools associated with a watch.Its integration with Chrome is very complete and they can use it very simply and intuitively.