Choosing the Right Bike Pump

Always with the correct pressure on the road with the right bicycle pump!

Not only in the hose repair after a flat tire or change the tyre air pump is used. Each filled tyre loses easily to air even when not in use. Therefore, periodically check of tire pressure with the bicycle with the pump is essential. In addition to different types of pumps (stand pumps, mini pumps, foot pumps, CO2 pumps) with different pumping capacity, the compatible valve types at the time of purchase must be considered. This and other features of Luftpumpfen for the bike there are here some tips.

Types and characteristics of bicycle pumps

Bicycle pumps support different valves and come in different sizes. Not all models come with pressure gauge (scale for the pressure display in cash and PSI) and have same pumping capacity.
As well as at other bike accessories is here first of all pay attention to the purpose. Anyone looking for a mobile bicycle pump for use on the road, should access to a telescope-mini pump or CO2 pump. Such models are small, lightweight and easy to attach to the frame or can be stowed in the seat pocket. It is always important to note the right type of valve the valve head used on the wheel! There’s the Dunlop valve, Sclaverand – or Prestaventil as well as the Schrader – or car valve.
The pumping capacity of the compact bicycle pump is specified and not all models are suitable for high pressure road tires. For fast inflating and in competition a pump for CO2 cartridges is recommended.
when used at home for regular pressure checks or when hose replacing the tire or the stand or foot pump should be the first choice. Here, it is much easier and gets together faster than with mini pumps high pressure. Gauge and valve adapters are at such great race compressors usually already included. Make sure should you also on the material when buying a bicycle pump.
There are light models made of aluminium to the always-there-have, especially with long-life variants for the workshop, the barrel should be made but better steel. Small details such as soft and ergonomic handles, an integrated pump hose at mini-pumps and a wide, stable base with stand pumps complete the comfort in using bicycle pumps. Bike pumps with good quality are available here by Zefal, Airace and CONTEC.