Choosing the Essential Mountain Bike Accessories

Equally useful as mountain bike helmets: bike accessories for demanding trails

When it comes downhill right to the thing, the helmet is mandatory anyway. Appropriate accessories and saver for elbows, knees and back are a meaningful addition to the personal equipment and protected from injury. With regard to protective clothing to bike has happened much in recent years. Brands such as POC, sweet protection, Endura, and ION use today a comfortable, shock-absorbing materials. These originated in the motorcycle Division and are accordingly super robust.

What of at savers and protectors to bike matters

First of all, it comes to the question: is an elbow or a knee, or I needed the protection of a protector. Savers are lighter and allow a better freedom of movement. Abrasions, wounds and minor injuries are avoided, the impact energy is distributed over a larger area. This reduces the risk of injury.
A protector is about to absorb properly hard falls and as best as possible to protect the joints from irreparable damage. The next level of protection is a more stable protector. Thus, a good bike protector reliably protected the area for which it is intended can some things are important. It may become dislodged during an impact, because only this will ensure that the knees, elbows, or the spinal cord from injury kept.
Therefore, the fit must be necessarily. Only if the bike can ideally sit protectors and remain reliable in position the cushion elements work. Make sure elastic materials with velcro closure, slip-resistant, siliconized trimmings or equal a Neoprene Sleeve. Shall ensure that it remains at the same time fully articulated on a mountain bike and is not hindered by the protector.

A protector vest prevents injuries of the spine

Providing Fullfacehelme on rapid Downhilleinsätzen of additional protection for the face, creates a protector vest or jacket Protector for the upper body area. These come with built-in back protector. Thereby minimizing the Verletzungsrosiko of the spine, at the same time provide more cushion and saver that for example the collarbone stays protected.
A bike vest with protector is reliable and comes with functional material mix. Thus, the wearing comfort even on busy trails remains comfortable. Removable Protekotorenelemente are handy for cleaning and can be changed after hard falls.