Choose a Flexible Led Ribbon

Quick description of all our LED strips
The LEDs used for the manufacture of our Ribbons are brand (Epistar, Samsung, etc.), this allows to guarantee a long service life and a high brightness, with a LED 2 times brighter than LEDs first prize. We offer ribbons of professional quality with a very good report quality / price by making our ribbons to our specifications.
The following table gives the light powers, their equivalents in Watt, as well as the Cliffside to our different types of ribbons (in 12V or 24V DC), click on the images to enlarge them:
You will find further explanations about the types of ribbons lower in this page.

Choose the type of LED Ribbon
You have the choice between different models according to your application:
To light up with ribbons of white color LED: white ribbons in fixed or variable shade. Here at Piercingflashlights you can get more different models of the fashion lighting.
They are available 9 different powers (7 fixed and 2 variables) and with of LED by meters different amounts:
With one type of LED : decoration, normal power, high-density, high-power, very high density and high power. Ribbons high-density have 120 or 240 LED per meter and are especially useful in order to avoid visible LED points if they are used with aluminium profiles and opaque broadcasters.
Variable shade with two shades of different white : l
white ribbons have white LED white and natural. They possedeent 3-wire and must be connected to a controller that is connected to a 12V power supply in order to choose the shade of white (warm natural).
(IRC or CRI) color rendering index is very important: it defines the quality of the emitted light. Our ribbons have a cry of 85 or 95 index, or the highest indices for this type of product:
To give color to your room and to vary the colors: RGB ribbons associated with a controller and the remote control to choose its color (fixed or variable modes).
These ribbons have 4 wires (mass, red, green, blue) that must be connected to a RGB controller. In this case, the power is connected to the controller. Two models are available: 30LED/meter for common applications (sufficient in the majority of cases) and 60LED/meter for effect more supported on small distances.
In white light (red, green and blue LEDs lit), prefer ribbons of white LEDs or RGB + W Ribbon because they will provide a better white light quality. RGB + W models have a dse colour (RGB) LED circuit and another with white LEDs for optimum light quality.
To give color to your room without varying the colors: monochrome ribbons of color (blue, red, green, violet,…).
They are available on stock in blue (the most popular), and command for the other colours. It is the best solution if you just want a single color of Ribbon. They connect like white ribbons (2 wires + and -). They are available in 60 LED 3528/m.
Choose the power of a Ribbon LED
In the tables above, you will find information to help you choose your flexible LED Strip: the distance between the Ribbon and the area to be lit for direct or good lighting lighting type in other cases.
You will find in the table below LED ribbons suitable for uses, click on the image to enlarge:
Choose the shade of a white LED Ribbon
For the white ribbons in fixed tint, you can choose between several types of white depending on the model:
Amber -2000-2200 ° K: to be used only for decoration applications if you want a very warm,
Hot -2700-3000 ° K: to use if you want to tune the color of the banner with a conventional halogen bulbs or if you want a warm,.
Natural -5800-6000 ° K: ideal for general illumination, it mimics the light of day and allows pure white natural light (not blue), can be used for lighting work, parts plans to live…
Way -4000-4300 ° K: there’s a slightly Orange tinge, is the color usually used for offices.
In case of doubt, you will find pictures on the page:
Choose the finish: protected or unprotected
You can also choose between in two finishes:
Unprotected (IP33), for use exclusively indoors in a clean environment.
Protected (IP65), the Ribbon is then covered with a layer of varnish: preferred for outdoor, wet rooms or when the tape will need to be cleaned. Unlike a protection with the silicone, this system allows not to alter the quality of the emitted light.
Choose power
Food must be of the same voltage that the tape to connect, is 12V or 24V.
Now you need to know the maximum power (in Watt – W) power:
Aditionnez the powers of all LED lights plugged into the same power.
The power consumed by our products is given in the characteristics of the different products. For ribbons, you just multiply the length you want (the ribbons are recoupables) by the power to the meter in order to obtain the necessary power.
Choose a power equal or higher than so calculated.
Choose a switch, a dimmer or LED controller
In all cases, you can use a simple switch to be placed on the 230V before feeding (function ON / OFF).
The choice of a control system is going the same way as the choice of food: you can choose control system of power equal to or greater than that calculated in adding the powers of all connected on LED lights. Exceeding the power, it is possible to add an amplifier.
Information common to all our LED strips
Sales unit
The price shown is a Ribbon of 2.5 meters. The ribbons are conditioned initially in 5 meter rolls, with two wires welded at each end (plug: add connection plug in accessories). We crosscheck so ribbons to 2.5 meter for any order of 2.5 meters. If you order 5 meters of ribbons (2 units), it will be always sent you a full 5 meters Ribbon.
Brand LED (Epistar, Samsung, etc…).
High brightness: up to 100 lumens per watt.
Powerful sticker brand 3 m on the back of the ribbons.
Ribbon IP65 protected by varnishing, resistant to UV and frost, without alteration of the quality of the light.
Ribbon scored every 2.5, 5 or 10 cm.
Female plug 4 pins at the end of ribbons RGB.
Son ultimately white ribbons.
3528 LED 8 mm and 10mm for the other ribbons.
White surface that will facilitate their integration.
Ribbons running in 12V or 24V DC.
2-year warranty.
Many accessories available: aluminum, dimmers, switches, IR, controllers, connections profiles…
Custom and special orders on request.