Children's Handbags Women's Models: Pictures and Tips

Children’s fashions are increasingly estilosinhas. From bags to baby till scholarships for pre-teens, the  infatis bags  are following fashion.
The bags for babies generally follow the color room decoration. So get those common colors Blue, green and Brown for the boys and pink and purple for girls. Already the themes are varied.
Have bags with little dolls, some with pets, Provencal-themed and have the custom.
The age at which children themselves begin to use scholarships varies from boy to girl. The girls tend to imitate the mother and other women with whom they have contact and ask for bags to go out for a walk.
Have the boys tend to hate and only use them when they enter the school stage.
Children’s purses have various themes. Today the characters ‘ fashion handbags  in are the most desired, Chicken Pintadinha, Peppa pig, Well 10and Monster High. Always more pulled into the feminine themes. If you have a girl get ready to spend a lot more.
Small purses, which look like a hand card, make the greatest success comes in 5 girls to 9 years.
To complete has the school supplies. Is near the end of the year and you think: ‘ my God, it’s getting time to buy the school supplies the children!”. In addition to being expensive, few materials you bought at the beginning of this year is going to hold out for the next year, as well as the ones you buy does not stand for another year.
But the bag doesn’t have to be that way. Try to buy a backpack tough, especially if you have a boy, after all they usually play the bag anyway in a field in the block from the school and soccer field on the way home.
But even spending more to backpack, the boys usually don’t mind using the same bag for more than a year. Have the girls, for reasons of fashion and to mimic the classmates, generally want to change bag every year.
If the bag is able to withstand another year, try to convince her to continue with the same, help her to customize it with stickers, brooches, little pieces of metal, even painting. And try to show her that the money spent on the bag, can be spent on any other material even more important, and preferably if she is wanting, for printing of compensation be real to her.
For the day to day look for buy smaller bag as possible, and I will explain why. If your child has a big purse, will want to be putting a lot and carrying everywhere, and children usually lose things very easily.The more thing fits in purse, the greater the injury if he or she loses the bag.
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The exception is for the scholarships, especially if the child needs to load more than one notebook, books and other materials, buy a big bag and preferably wheels a excessive weight can cause serious back problems in the child.
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