Children's Fashion Footwear for Children Fashionistas!

Since we’re in the rhythm of mother’s day today we prepared a special post not only for them but also for their children. After all, there is no greater gift for a mother than seeing your baby beautiful, fragrant, all tidy and fashion? It doesn’t matter if the baby is a boy or a girl, there’s mom to withstand the frilly of the infant universe. Makes me want to hit, bite, crush … kkkkkkkkkk … is muiiiita cuteness! Moreover, nowadays kids are full of personality and know what they want. The girls, for example, since little ones try to copy their mothers in everything, especially in the way of dress. Shoot the first jump who never wanted to use mom’s shoes?!? RS. Thinking that we were checking out the new features of the REI MI FOOT, children’s shoe shop in Campo Grande (MS), which is always full of options for infants and children fashionistas. In addition to a huge variety of footwear and accessories, the store also received options for gifts for mother’s day. Gentyyy … fofurice … you are going to freak out!
The brand of shoes LOVEY, among many other cool brands who are betting the trend “like mother, like daughter”, has just released a special limited edition to honor moms owls in your day. The collection, which was named “just like Mom”, has two models of slippers, prioritizing the comfort! Look at this most gracious: the box, which by the way is a beautiful package, comes with with two equal sneakers, one for mom and one for her daughter.
Choose your favorite model.
Is not a luxury? Impossible not to fall in love with this treat!!!
Established in 2010, the BUG works only with noble materials – very soft leather, flexible soles and first-class fabrics – to offer babies from zero to two years every comfort to the feet that are giving the first steps need. The booties are intended to benefit from the process of learning to walk. Totally flexible, the shoes allow the child to keep the natural movement of the foot, avoiding deformations on the road. The sole is non-slip, yet to provide security on the road.
The new collection of LOVEY arrived on the RÉ MI WALK is pure glamour!
The kit “My glass slipper Princess” is success guaranteed: the shoe comes with an album of photographs to record the best moments of the little fashionista! We are in love …
More suggestions …
The GATS is a brand of children’s footwear of leather that brings to your collections fashion, glitz and luxury for infants and children up to 6 years of age. The brand has baby shoes, sandals, slippers, sneakers, boots and accessories at whicheverhealth.
Aiii … makes you want to take tudooo … graceful thing in the world!
The NATURINO, Italian brand of children’s shoes, is found in Campo Grande/MS with exclusivity in the REI MI WALK . We talked about other times on the mark here on the blog and do not get tired to repeat because we’re fans! All shoes from NATURINO are developed with the aid of podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons, for a walk perfect and very comfortable, not to mention about the Italian style that accompanies fashion trends.
And look at that Nice …
The NATURINO offers for moms tuned into internet an application very curious: it is called “Misura il piede del tuo bambino”, which in Portuguese means “good Measure your child’s foot” and is available for free from the Apple Store. Only with a download on your iPad you can – in practice – measure your child’s foot. It’s toooo many practical, so you can check the exact size of your puppy’s foot before you buy shoes online, for example. The Naturino App is extremely easy to use and the application also features a guide to Pediatrics offered by Naturino where you can find advice on the proper growth of children.
Are several options for boys and girls.
How not to fall in love with these niceties? That’s a lot of cuteness!
And has a new surprise for you …
The MOSCHINO, Italian brand of children’s shoes, and the store of REI MI WALK presented the Luxury feeling with 2 pairs of shoes for sortearmos among our readers. The awards are:
1st) 1 female sneaker MOSCHINO red (paragraph 27 to 30)
2nd) 1 male Red MOSCHINO’S boot (# 22 to 26)
Who wants to win these gifts?
Are two awards, so two people drawn!