Children's Bedrooms

If you remember pastel colors, mild tones and delicate things all over the place when it comes to child’s room, these pictures will turn their concepts upside down.
We have selected 15 rooms decorated with a tonne and a half of inventiveness and that will make you want to live in them, no matter the date of birth of your ID. Or, at least, will serve as inspiration to decorate your baby’s room is coming or help that Ruth Darling that will be mom.
One of the concepts that fell in like the current moms is that of Montessorianos Rooms. The name may sound weird, but it’s because of the owner of the idea, the educator and Italian physician Maria Montessori. The Montessoriano Room is nothing more than a space designed according to the perspective of the child, not the adult. In this type of decor, the child has everything you need at your fingertips and the space is free in the clumsy and unpredictable medium circulation of small.
Here, for example, the beds are low so they can climb on their own and respect the timetables of sleep and has toy cabinets in RemzFamily by hand so that they learn to fix your own mess. May also have slates to your power to stimulate learning, writing and coordination. Already exists even colorful slate wallpaper, exclusive launch of the Kola, which can coat entire walls to small.
This is only a concept for children’s rooms and projects there are endless ideas that follow this proposal and other passing away from her, while being interesting. Children’s rooms can also be true playgrounds in homes without yard or apartments without free area, which does not mean that children cannot be stimulated in a way that is educational.
Take a look at these 15 rooms separated for you. All are beautiful, creative and took advantage of the space to create dream environments for children.
That adult didn’t want to go back to the good old days when the only concern was to choose the joke of the day? I, for example, I would give anything for a room like this, even though (not even close) age and size for that.

  1. wallpaper Pink slate
    2. wallpaper Green Water Board
    3. wallpaper Purple slate
    4. Avocado Green slate wallpaper