Chest Fly Exercise Muscles Worked

During strength training using a variety of exercises that focus on a specific muscle group. For pectorals Pectoral Fly is an appropriate strength training. The Pectoral Fly is an exercise that is often executed with straight arms. The movement will move from outside to inside. Chest muscles can be trained recruitment in both strength and uithoudingsvernmogen with this exercise.

Analysis of Pectoral Fly

The Pectoral Fly can be done in two ways. Both with straight arms bent 90 degrees at the elbows. As a result, the performance of the business is no different. Below is a short description of the movement in stages.

  • The upper arms are located horizontally with respect to the shoulders.
  • The lower arm is located in the extension arm or at an angle of 90 degrees bend in the elbows.
  • The arms that are currently in a straight line, horizontally moving forward.
  • The arms then move back to its starting position.

Chest Muscle Function During the Fly

The process can involve the use of many shoulder and chest muscles. Yet there are only two muscles that have horizontal adduction and function. These are the large and m.deltoideus m.pectoralis anterior. Moreover, there are still a number of shoulder and back muscles during the course mainly has a stabilizing function.

Output during Pectoral Fly

To prevent incorrect application of Pectoral Fly, it is important to take into account the initial position. This means that it takes into account the posture while performing the exercise.

  • Arms horizontally up and shoulders stay in depression
  • The head throughout the movement forward
  • The person sitting up and looking at the back is slightly concave pulled while supplying power
  • The upper legs are in a horizontal position, with the legs at an angle of 90 degrees and feet flat on the ground.Feet / legs apart so that the body is well stabilized.
  • During the performance never let the weight come together. Make sure there is a continuous voltage remains on the muscles you are exercising.