Check If Your Mobile Is Compatible with Doze with This Application

Your mobile phone already have Marshmallow? Congratulations, this means that you encuadras in 7.5% of users who are already enjoying the latest official version of Android on their devices. And that means that your mobile can save valuable battery thanks to one of the functions of Marshmallow, Doze star.
Because if you already have a Marshmallow, that means that you have Doze, isn’t it? So no, it is not so simple. Function Doze has specific requirements to run it is possible that your phone does not comply. Specifically you need to have a motion sensor and a cloud messaging service so that you don’t miss any messages while your mobile ‘sleep’.
Have you upgraded you to Marshmallow recently and aren’t sure if you have Doze or not? This simple application created by the ISDP of XDA user check it for you, showing you if your phone meets all the necessary requirements. Unfortunately not you can check before you upgrade to Marshmallow, so you may not use this information to decide if it’s worth you upgrading or not.
To perform the check, get the APK’s Check Doze, install and check at a time if your phone meets the requirements. Specifically, with these:

  • The motion sensor and the required API
  • Google Play services
  • The required configuration for Doze

If you have installed Marshmallow from the official update from your manufacturer or your mobile phone already came with it, probably don’t have what worry and Doze is running smoothly, but Doze Check can be useful if you have installed a Third-party ROM and have questions If it is working correctly or not.