Cheap and Beautiful Phones – Buying Guide

Buying a good, cheap handsome cell phone and moreover with touch screen requires a certain dedication and a lot of reading to find the right model. The Cell Phones site helps you with some tips on how to choose a good cell phone for you or even give as a gift. The first thing to think about when choosing a cell phone model is the need you want to meet. There are cell phones and smartphones for all tastes and for the most varied usage profiles. It’s like a car : it can be simple and cheap to go to work on a day-to-day basis or more powerful and comfortable to make long trips.

Cheap and Beautiful Phones - Buying Guide

How to choose a cell phone for children?

If you want to buy a cell phone for children , the choice may be harder than it is for an adult. Children generally prefer eye-catching phones that catch the attention of friends and other children. Not that this should be the goal of gifting a child with a cell phone, but it is good to take into consideration the look of the model. Another important feature when buying a children ‘s cell phone is its resistance. Children wet, drop, soil and scratch the appliances. The question of resistance should be fundamental in choosing a telephone for a child.

How to choose a smartphone?

When the mobile phone is for an adult, consideration should be given to one’s affinity with technology. It’s no use giving a smartphone or modern phone to your father or mother if they even know how to receive and read a text message. The profile of the person receiving the appliance must be verified. Choose the phone according to the needs of those who will use it.

Functions of a smartphone

Phone functions like wi-fi, touch screen, 2 chips or more, and several GPS must also weigh in the decision. The variety of handsets on the market is so great that it is possible to find almost any combination of functions. There is a lot of mobile phonemodel with cheap wifi , or even touch screen. What you need is to search well and tour the operator’s shops before you decide. Especially in festive times when the trade sells more, the deals are many and you always have many options to choose from! Keep an eye on the contract and the little letters vendors do not always explain about the contracted plans.

Best mobile brand

Another tip on which cell phone to buy relates to brand choice. There are hundreds of Chinese phones on sale in the country but they do not always deliver on what they promise in terms of functionality. Actually the features exist but can be a disappointment at the time of use. Often the devices are slow, the battery stops working soon after the end of warranty and the service can be very time consuming. If it is a cell phone to give as a gift , it is better to choose the traditional brands, with a good world history and already consolidated in the country.

The best cell phone brands sold in Brazil are: Apple, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry. Choosing a device of one of these brands will make it much easier if there are problems with technical assistance or operational doubts, as you will find answers on the internet much more easily.

Good and cheap cell phone may not have much quality

Price: The cheapest phone in the world for sure is not the best cell phone for sale! It is no use if you want to buy a good and cheap cell phone if your expectation of “good” is very different from common sense. With little money you will buy a modest cell phone, which can be good in terms of strength and durability, but it certainly will not have the fastest processor, a great screen and a large memory space. Common sense is important when choosing the right phone. Except when it comes to launches or necessarily expensive stores because of where they are, the price of mobile phones has a lot to do with the quality and functions available.

I will not mention specific models because the best cell phone at the moment will not be the same in 1 or 2 months. Mobile technology changes very quickly and whatever the good cell phone for Christmas this year, it will be outdated before the mothers day arrives. The best cell phone today is the one that meets your needs now and you can pay without getting into debt!

The internet is a great place to do cell phone research to buy. Follow these steps to buy a good and cheap cell phone :

Define how much you can spend

Look for models that suit you in terms of features and price

Choose 1 from the selected models

Search in websites and operators the best price for the model you have chosen

Following this little guide will save you a lot of time. Keeping changing model’s time when looking for price can lead you to do a bad deal.

Whether you make a good purchase and when you have purchased, leave a comment here saying which phone you bought and why!