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How to Use Work Clothes for the Weekend?

Reached that time of the month we have the pleasure of answering questions!

The question for today is from Leticia:

“Wanted tips on how to use social clothes out of the workplace. I have many social and shirts and pants, as I’m not working at the moment, they’re frozen in closet. How to use without seeming silly or too fashionable? ” Continue reading

Tips and Looks: Fashions, Versatility and Tendency of Handbags Chenson

Hello my darlings, all right? And it is with great pleasure that we bring to you, again, more a story about the versatility of Handbags Chenson.
By comfort and practicality, and for allowing a touch for style and elegance in all visual, we decided, once again, bring to you, but some tips about this super brand, in handbags fills with elegant and full of charm. Continue reading

What a Bra Should I Use?

Like the neckline Gypsy? See suggestions of bras to accompany ciganinha blouse and the Gypsy dress, next spring/summer trends!

If you like fashion and likes to keep up with the trends on the Internet have probably noticed a strong trend coming around: the Gypsy neckline, shoulder to shoulder neckline that super charming and feminine that gives a touch of sensuality in any look.

In different textures, fabrics and prints, some with more details other more basic, it’s worth investing in a ciganinha shirt to accompany more fluid skirts and pants, and of course: pay enough attention in her bra! Continue reading

Peep Toe Shoe Models-Know More

National success among women the model of  peep toe  shoe,it features the rounded tip with opening that gives spaces for the little fingers to stand the show, the heel can be varied large, small, thin or thick.  Different from many shoes like the scarpins the peep toe can be used with different types of clothes like: jeans, social, dress, shorts and skirts, can be of different colors and prints following fashion trends regarding the season. Continue reading

Trendy Shoes: Find Out What’s Going to Rock This Winter

Perhaps the best part of winter is the possibility of protecting yourself from the cold with very stylish productions, is not it?  Of course, in the season, the feet get a special attention: it is worth betting on heavier and more structured models of  the fashionable shoes. With the grunge and punk vibe of the 90’s in vogue, the highlight is the Cuckoo. Continue reading

Gym Clothes: Special Leggings

We women know how unpleasant it is to train with uncomfortable pants. Sometimes we try the correct numbering, the ideal color and even the right piece, but it still does not correctly dress the body.  The secret of dressing comfortably without losing your style, is always to be attentive to the details of the clothing, comparing with the shape of the body of your body. Here are amazing tips for choosing the right legging! Continue reading