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Cardigans I will Never Know You will Never Show

I bought my first cardigan when I moved to work in an office without air conditioning and central heating. Looks collection of more than two people in one place immediately damage their internal controls for temperature and there is simply no way to have a consensus when and how many degrees the air conditioner is placed. It was sometimes warm, sometimes cold. My spirit in both cases and eventually bought a cardigan. Then another, and another, and another. Comfortable garment that can be worn wrapped clothed or tightly buttoned and according to provide varying degrees of protection against the cold inside and out. I thought almost the first I discovered how universal garment is a cardigan that can be worn casually with a tank top official with a shirt or sexy without anything underneath and there are countless variations, knitted like lace, embroidery, short and long … In no time I became a maniac.

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Swimwear Yamamay 2016

Among the swimwear Yamamay 2016 do not go unnoticed the floral patterns that shine in the sunlight or some vintage pieces that appear to come from a not-too-distant past. Between bikinis, swimsuits and high waist there is an embarrassment of choice!

Even for Yamamay is all set for the summer and the first sunny days to pass by the beach or by the pool. Therefore, waiting to feel ready for swimsuit season, let’s take a look at the new collection of costumes of the summer 2016, an intriguing catalogue, full of novelties and apparel perfectly in line with new trends in seasonal sea. Continue reading

Leather Pants for Winter

Here are the coolest models of pants for winter 2016. Among the trends of the past returning to new version and new and original solutions there is an embarrassment of choice! Flared pants, classic cuts and more formal styles: discover together the trousers that can not miss in your winter wardrobe.

Like the fanciestpants, the leather pants is one of evergreen’s wardrobe, comfortable and essential to wear at all times of the day. We can wear them at work and at leisure, for a business meeting or a romantic encounter, thanks to its extreme versatility. So let’s not get lost in talk and find out what models pants trends for this winter. Continue reading

Best Designer Clothes

Where to buy a prom dress for the wedding without spending crazy? Obviously there are very affordable outlets with fabulous collections.

A ceremony is always a major event and requires the right dress. You don’t have to then make you panic (and anxiety of budget) because you can be elegant without spending a lot of money. Before setting out in search of your dress is good to predict a price ceiling for expenditure. Why? Helps to make a skimming and especially not to waste time. The second step is then travel to the nearest outlet at home or still cheaper. Continue reading

Short Prom Party Dresses

Short prom Pronovias dresses. Normally, the collections of short evening party of major firms are characterized by the “near absence” of short dresses.But this trend is changing significantly in recent times and we are tremendously pleased! Distinction, sweetness and style are the maxims that proposals for the advancement of Pronovias 2013 party settle.

See the short dresses of Pronovias fiesta really is a delight, we cannot say that there is a dress that we don’t like, we all like and we want to have them all.Although the collection is for the 2013 these dresses with corset already you can find in stores.

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Diesel Sunglasses Review

Even Diesel there presents his collection of sunglasses with a view ‘summer 2012 that is coming. And in the very style casual chic that has always characterized the brand, the collection ranges easily among the aviator models which are now an indispensable classic, the navigator from garçon mood, the beautiful oversize designed in forms also very eccentric as they have for many brands in the last period, and of course the forms from retro cat eye and more mischievous. Diesel declines its models in typical summer colors, we take a look together with the new collection.

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Short Party Dresses Pronovias

Choose the perfect dress for a party depends on many details, not only of the type of body you have, also depends on the color of skin, and you have to take into account your height, age and lifestyle.

The new collection of prom dresses short that brings Pronovias in this 2013 is really amazing: colors, contrasts and shapes are mixed in an endless possibilities that dress a woman young and safe, elegant and daring.

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Ladies Leather Jacket with Fur Collar

Jacket – one of the universal elements in clothing. This element of the closet can meet in the collections every season. In addition, designers often offer a variety of models 2 in 1 which are suitable for both warm and cold periods. During this winter season, the coolest steel, leather jackets. Overall, stylists say that every leather adds leather jacket modern style. However leather is considered the most universal view skin. This is due to the fact that he has a long nap and a classic combination of white and black shades.

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Prints Long Dresses

If you have a party soon, or some very important event and you want to be beautiful and dazzling, don’t worry.

In this article we are going to see some stunning tutor of long dresses for all tastes.

To choose a perfect prom dress we must bear in mind the time where and what type of party.

For example; If you are invited to a celebration that is celebrated on the day, then you should use a dresses long pattern.

All the long dresses with bright prints, will help you to wear an elegant appearance and you rods especially cheerful.

In the photo that I present then you have some striking dresses long prints that are very elegant.

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Long Bridesmaids Dresses

Party long for bridesmaids dresses are really very beautiful and elegant, also help enhance your feminine beauty.

All of us must be well clear for the great protagonist of the wedding is the bride.

In second place is the bride and for this it is essential to choose the most beautiful dresses, but it is different from the bride.

  1. Then I’ll present a picture where you show a long prom dress for bridesmaids.

As you can see it is a very elegant dress and sofistificada, is long with the draped body and shoulders takes lace.

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Sex Bras

Put aside the monotony in the intimacy is easier than we think, you only need a little imagination and great mischief. We give you three ideas that will love him.

If they are already time always doing the same, using the classical postures, can be that both are a bit boring sex. Fortunately this problem can be solved by applying a bit of ingenuity. We are not going to reveal anything that you don’t know that it exists, but yes we invite you to put into practice these three simple suggestions to increase the temperature of your sexual encounters.

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