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Short Jackets, Tips to Use

With the arrival of winter, we always have to complete the look with a slightly heavier piece, however, we often get insecure as to the right combination.A good example of this is the short jackets, which are totally beautiful and are very fashionable, but which cause a lot of doubts.

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Pebble Steel is a High Tech Watch with Metal Bracelet

I haven’t been hooked by wearable gadgets. This is a category of products that is still emerging, but the few available on the market are not fully functional or do not have a nice design. However, in an announcement made today CES 2014, the Pebble, a pioneer of intelligent watches, seems to take the first step to finally solve these two problems. The company announced the Pebble Steel, your premium smartwatch clock with metal bracelet and screen with Gorilla glass Glass. And also took the opportunity to publicize the arrival of your app store, planned for January this year.

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Vintage Earrings Chapadinhos in the Ear

Vintage earrings have been much admired and desired by girls and women even the most modern. That’s because they have a “Q” class and sophistication that many other styles do not have. We can see vintage earrings currently being used by actresses in novels of the globe, Hollywood actresses and even young girls. These earrings are of an older style, were much used by famous as Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren.

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Ski equipment

More fun in the winter with the right ski equipment

, There is nothing better for an enthusiastic winter athlete to whiz down the slopes towards the Valley and to draw tracks in the snow. It is, however, whether one WAGs on the piste or in broad sweeps through the deep snow – if equipment is the ski, it soon stops with the pleasure. A ski jacket that is too cold or lets through water, ski goggles that pushes, a ski helmet that uncomfortably narrow or a non matching pants can one of the most beautiful ski day thoroughly spoil. < br / > therefore applies when purchasing the ski equipment the same as the other outdoor equipment: the cheapest is not necessarily the cheapest. Of high quality ski and freeride equipment one has many years of pleasure and so worth investing in proper equipment in the skiing area always. < br / > a central consideration in the selection of the appropriate clothing or piece of equipment is it right to decide for what purpose you need and is a particularly important. Who has set itself clear objectives and knows what he is looking for, the perfect ski equipment is already close on its heels.

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Ski boots (50)

Ski shoes, ski boots

Fitting ski boots are essential for the fun on or off the slopes. They exist in many variations for similarly diverse purposes. Because their outer shell typically made of hard plastic or protective materials is made and thus subsequently to the foot can adapt, they need to fit from the outset. Manufacturers such as Dynafit, Scarpa, La Sportiva, and Black Diamond manufacture both various models for the runway, as well as for skiing and off-piste runs. The different models is common, that they be easy to both have a very high stability. Especially in the ski-touring segment, the construction of shoes that meet these characteristics, is a major challenge for the manufacturer. Here, is to find an optimal ratio of weight and stiffness, which is not easy.

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Avalanche probes (21)

Reliable helper in emergencies: the avalanche probe

, The risk of an avalanche should never be underestimated! Therefore, an avalanche probe (called also probing rod) should be next to the transceiver and the avalanche shovel on ski tours in any case always. Avalanche probes are used for the fine search of victim. It is fast and effective action of the utmost importance, because the chances of survival of a victim already decline dramatically after a short time. A high-quality probing rod can so be to the life saver when the emergency occurs!

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Ski Helmets

Safe on the road in the snow with the appropriate ski & snowboard helmet

Head is not equal to head, so helmets also does not equal helmet. So how to individually select also ski poles or ski goggles according to body size, head shape, or the own ambitions in the shut-down, you should take care even with the helmet on some features so that it has maximum joy. < br / > the following, there are tips on choosing the right ski helmet and some general characteristics of Ski Helmets.

Properties of helmets for skiing and snowboarding

There’s hard shell helmets, Ski Helmets for in-mold construction and even hybrid designs. But what does that mean everything? < br / > basically the most important function of a helmet is to protect and for that he must take care of once well initially. However, there are also corresponding constructions of Ski Helmets for different areas of use. Helmets are for example most in-mold helmets. Here you have a hard on the outside, which is connected directly with a soft foam core. Hard shell helmets are more common with a rugged exterior and a lining made of mesh or other upholstery. Hybrid helmets are a combination of both and for weight reasons in the professional field before. < br / > a good, sufficient padding is crucial in any ski helmet. Here you should make sure that’s also nowhere presses or restrict, in particular, if you wear like a light hat or Balaclava underneath. Many ski helmets come already with mostly removable padding for the ears, the at the same time warm. < br / > above, there are vents which not too big fail for no snow to enter, but sufficient to the head cooling and keep the goggles fog-free. Depending on the model of the ski helmet has an adjustable belt with padding and sometimes an adjustment on the back of the head anyway below the Chin. There usually scroll wheel used to provide optimal support. If you tried the helmet and ran pulls all settings and adjusts, you should briefly violently shaking their heads and just test, whether the helmet retains its position or side slip. He must only loosely wobble, otherwise is not guaranteed also in the point that the helmet there is where he belongs!

Accessories for the ski helmet

For those who hate to wear a separate protective glasses, there are also helmets with incorporated sight. So one kills two birds with one stone. But absolutely pay attention to the corresponding properties of the glass on the rear sight of the ski or snowboard helmet! < br / > for children and small women’s heads, there are special helmets. You are not only smaller, but often also come with more upholstery, a simpler adjustability and of course attractive prints on the hood! < br / > trying to goggles must also attach to the helmet. So you can see immediately whether something in the way comes and can test whether the band fits the glasses by the ski helmet goggles fixing. So to avoid an unfavorable later surprise…

Avalanche Equipment

Life saver in an emergency: the avalanche equipment

, Avalanches are a risk should not be underestimated in the mountain and winter sports. Therefore, a high quality avalanche equipment always should be when it comes to the winter mountains. Already after a few minutes, the survival chances of avalanche fall dramatically. An avalanche equipment enables fast and effective action if the emergency occurs. In conjunction with a backpack of avalanche the avalanche equipment is the best way to survive an emergency.

What is a full avalanche equipment?

An avalanche equipment generally comprises three components: the avalanche (short WMS), the probe and the avalanche shovel. The LVS device is used to locate the victim. When transmitting a signal on a standardized frequency is sent at short intervals. This signal can be tracked themselves from one another in the reception mode of the Avalanche. The probe is the part of avalanche equipment that is used for the exact location of the victim. The probe is introduced to the fine sounding in the snow to determine the exact location and depth of the victim. With the avalanche shovel, avalanche equipment to penetrate a way up to the buried person offers. By a stable shovel blade and a fixed stock it is possible through heavily compacted snow to dig. < br / > In an extreme case, the avalanche equipment becomes the Lifesaver, because with the recovery of victims, every minute counts! An avalanche equipment belongs in any case in the luggage of every regulatory!