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Google Promises Android Watches for This Year

Project to extend the Android, the operating system used on more than three out of four smartphones sold worldwide, for wrist watches is called Android Wear

Google said on Tuesday (18) that smart watches equipped with your Android operating system will be available later this year, with a variety of partners and signaling the intention of the internet company to play a leading role in what could be the next big computing market.

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For Consultants, Analog Clock is Still Indispensable to Man

In terms of style, smart watches won’t replace traditional of pointers. “Man is seen by the shoes and the clock, and the analog passes an image much better”, says Alexandre Taleb, image consultant

The Apple presentation – used to turn everything that creates in trend-last month revealed that the giant Apple is determined to surf in a technological wave which has been brewing for some time, the smart watches, or just “smartwatches”.

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Huawei Works with Samsung to Launch Smart Watch

Tizen is an operating system that is easily attributed to Samsung. However, it has open source, which allows any company to develop based on it. Although rare, it happens and that is exactly what Huawei plans to do. According to speculation from a foreign newspaper, the Chinese company is planning to launch a smartwatch with the Tizen system instead of Android Wear, which is being used in Huawei handsets. Continue reading

Watch for Left-Handers-Pelagos Lhd (Including Price)

The Tudor Pelagos Gets an update. In the form of a clock for left-handed people with the name of Pelagos LHD (left hand drive). But not only left-handed should rejoice, there is enough right-handed, also very appreciate a Crown on the left side of the clock case. A very simple and practical reason: Finally to avoid so that the Crown in the back of the hand to express. There should be even left-handed, who prefer right-handed watches exactly for this reason. Anyway…

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Watch Review: Iwc Pilot Mark Xviii

The introduction of the IWC Mark XVIII was one of the major highlights of this watch season. It is the new entry-level watch from Schaffhausen and is especially interesting for a younger audience as well as for those who want to venture into the world of aviation watches with their next purchase. The best thing about it: Mark XVIII is more strongly oriented than its ancestors on the legacy of the legendary Mark XI. With round 40 millimeters it also measures considerably less than most other fly clocks. Sounds like a round thing. We have looked more closely at the Mark XVIII in three variants. Continue reading

To Keep Square Design and Android Wear

Next to the Apple Watch, the second version of the smart watch from Asus is one of the few with square screen

It’s like the saying goes: “that is gaining time not moving”. Maybe Asus doesn’t even have thought about that when I started to develop the second generation of your Smart Watch, the ZenWatch 2, but, even so, has benefited the few changes. Released in Europe during the IFA 2015 , the equipment should reach Brazil.

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