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Trendy Shoes: Find Out What’s Going to Rock This Winter

Perhaps the best part of winter is the possibility of protecting yourself from the cold with very stylish productions, is not it?  Of course, in the season, the feet get a special attention: it is worth betting on heavier and more structured models of  the fashionable shoes. With the grunge and punk vibe of the 90’s in vogue, the highlight is the Cuckoo. Continue reading

Trends: Color Shoes Gold

Every woman with style certainly needs some color shoes gold in your wardrobe. Shoes gold have been won popularity from recent years and this season are more fashionable than ever. Striking gold Sandals give you a sophisticated style. However, much that is a fashion trend, it is necessary to take some precautions when to use them; a Council is not to combine them with lots of accessories. Continue reading

Compression Socks

Compression socks for the training and competition use

Any ambitious runner sets value on a quality running shoe and sports clothing. The theme of running socks is, however, often neglected. It carried the socks when jogging right on the skin. So, they influence the comfort of running and trail running. Compression socks are suitable for training and competition, because they promote blood circulation and speed up recovery.

Fitting fit and high quality mixtures of materials

Similar in special running clothes, sport socks have decisive advantages. Moisture wicking, breathability and a wrinkle-free fit are the most important features to get performance on the track. The most running socks are made of synthetic fibers, or have a cotton synthetic blend. Thereby, the ventilation for a comfortable foot climate plays an important role. Some manufacturers are now using an admixture from Merino or antibacterial treatment.

How compression socks work

Given, really smart compression socks don’t look socks. But on the track, this is seriously important — here include performance, capacity, and performance. A compression sock has a long shaft and is relatively closely knitted by the ankle to below the knee with elastic materials. Therefore the compression stockings feel at first more closely. From top to bottom, an increased pressure exerted on the calves, which encourages the removal of blood and lymphatic fluid. < br / > due to compression, the calf muscles relax and many runners feel fresh until the last kilometer. At the same time, compression socks promote regeneration after the run. With this knowledge in mind, it is easier to challenge the inner Schweinehund.

The choice for running sports weighted to endurance

When all endurance sports where these factors are important compression stockings are worn by leisure sportsmen and professionals. At the marathon, triathlon and skiing athletes on its supportive effect swear area. CEP, Falke, Rohner, Bridgedale, Salomon – all manufacturers are walking in the area of technical running apparel and functional underwear for everyone the right offer.

Hiking Socks

Traveling with comfortable hiking socks

, The cornerstone for a successful hiking or trekking tour are the socks in each case. The feet are finally strongly claimed on an extensive tour. About socks for hiking have to play a lot, to make comfortable and fatigue-free. With high-quality trekking socks, no distance is too far and no mountain too steep! Backpack, shoes and socks for hiking, more it takes not to go wandering!

What must to good socks for hiking?

This is the hiking tour not to torture, trekking socks must have some important properties. A general problem with long marches is the formation of bubbles. High-quality socks for hiking through their optimum fit to avoid unnecessary friction in the hiking boot and greatly reduce this risk. Of course high-quality socks for hiking can withstand also correctly, because it travels very long distances in them. Often hiking and even trekking socks on the much-exposed areas like the heel are reinforced, which prolongs their life a lot. The Merino Socks provide a comfortable foot climate. These Merino Wool hiking socks are breathable, are great on the skin and the best: the anti-microbial properties, these socks for hiking are odor-resistant. So have smelly don’t stand a chance!

Expedition Footwear

With expedition boots securely in the high mountains

For those who want really high, high quality expedition boots are an essential part of the equipment! The name evokes the feeling of adventure, icy heights, snow-capped mountains and unspoiled nature while listening. Expedition shoes are a type of Mountain boots, which are made for extreme conditions. Through its strong insulation power, particularly high levels of cold up to-50 ° C are no problem for them. The feet are held by the insulation layers always warm and protected against cold and especially before frostbite.

What must afford expedition shoes?

Good expedition boots are made of highest quality materials because you absolutely can rely on it even in the most extreme situations. You must be strong insulating and breathable also because rapidly reduces moisture in the liner heat output. Just at very low temperatures, it can be very dangerous and result in extreme cases even frostbite. Many models of expedition shoes have incorporated leggings, which again supports the thermal performance and protection against moisture.

Step by step with the expedition shoes towards the Summit

It is

similar to trekking boots for expedition shoes of enormous importance, that they have a non-slip sole made of high quality material. In the high mountains, each step should sit about the sole to deliver uphill downhill always optimal grip. All expedition boots must be also crampon, so when the climb or the glacier the Security’s always front stands. Because quality has its price, however, expedition boots are not that cheap. They are an investment that is worthwhile in any case! If it should go so completely upwards to the highest peaks, solid, safe and warm expedition footwear for this purpose are essential.