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Back to School

The vacation is already over and soon the second semester classes begin. Then it is time to organize the backpack, see if all the material is complete, if you need to buy some extra book, notebook, pencil, pen and also review the subjects given in the previous units. Nothing better than coming up with the cool things in your head. We have put together some tips for your return to school. Check it: Continue reading Back to School

Tennis Abotinados Mormaii Launches Guide for Women

Recognized as the largest free sports mark Brazil, Mormaii brings between your news for winter tennis mix abotinados 2017 1 hyperconnected to the lifestyle of skateboarding. With options for the female public, display and cool minimalist shape, promising to delight the fans of practice and followers of your lifestyle. Continue reading Tennis Abotinados Mormaii Launches Guide for Women

Children’s Fashion Footwear for Children Fashionistas!

Since we’re in the rhythm of mother’s day today we prepared a special post not only for them but also for their children. After all, there is no greater gift for a mother than seeing your baby beautiful, fragrant, all tidy and fashion? It doesn’t matter if the baby is a boy or a girl, there’s mom to withstand the frilly of the infant universe. Makes me want to hit, bite, crush … kkkkkkkkkk … is muiiiita cuteness! Moreover, nowadays kids are full of personality and know what they want. The girls, for example, since little ones try to copy their mothers in everything, especially in the way of dress. Shoot the first jump who never wanted to use mom’s shoes?!? RS. Thinking that we were checking out the new features of the REI MI FOOT, children’s shoe shop in Campo Grande (MS), which is always full of options for infants and children fashionistas. In addition to a huge variety of footwear and accessories, the store also received options for gifts for mother’s day. Gentyyy … fofurice … you are going to freak out! Continue reading Children’s Fashion Footwear for Children Fashionistas!

Trendy Shoes: Find Out What’s Going to Rock This Winter

Perhaps the best part of winter is the possibility of protecting yourself from the cold with very stylish productions, is not it?  Of course, in the season, the feet get a special attention: it is worth betting on heavier and more structured models of  the fashionable shoes. With the grunge and punk vibe of the 90’s in vogue, the highlight is the Cuckoo. Continue reading Trendy Shoes: Find Out What’s Going to Rock This Winter

Trends: Color Shoes Gold

Every woman with style certainly needs some color shoes gold in your wardrobe. Shoes gold have been won popularity from recent years and this season are more fashionable than ever. Striking gold Sandals give you a sophisticated style. However, much that is a fashion trend, it is necessary to take some precautions when to use them; a Council is not to combine them with lots of accessories. Continue reading Trends: Color Shoes Gold

10 Infallible Tricks to Keep Your Favorite Shoes

It does not matter if you are male or female. When you buy tight shoes, your poor feet always suffer. As it happens the same with us of the, we indicate some solutions that can minimize or even to end the problem.Now, you can parade with your new shoes as if they were tailor-made!

Continue reading 10 Infallible Tricks to Keep Your Favorite Shoes