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Wash Thermal Carafe, Check out Tips Step by Step

Wash Thermal Carafe

If you don’t know how to wash your thermos, here’s a tip for higienizá it and can be used without fear.

Over time, inside the pot of coffee is dark and can change the taste of the coffee, it is wise to occasionally do a cleaning done and let her new again.

Before making the coffee daily, you should boil water put inside the bottle, shake well and throw away the water hot, then you can make the coffee and put on it.

Cloth strainer must also be well washed to avoid contamination. Continue reading

What Summer Pajamas Adopt My Baby?

Baby pajamas, it’s of course him sleep well, said also onesie, covering baby of the arm until the bottom of the feet. Depending on the temperature, in the summer, how baby sleep better? Body in short sleeves or long sleeves, with a sleeping bag, a velvet Pajamas or cotton? All our tips here for Pajamas for baby and some held newborn for the summer! Continue reading

Backpack: See 4 Tips to Avoid Spinal Problems in Children

Did you know that the child should carry the equivalent of 10% of their body weight? To help you organize the materials that need to be put in the backpack, we have listed 4 tips to keep you alert and to help avoid spinal problems in your small

Carrying too much weight is uncomfortable and can cause future problems in the spine. “At most, the child should carry the equivalent of 10% of his body weight,” says Jomar Souza, director of the Brazilian Society of Medicine for exercise and sport. It is also valid to choose a backpack with padded straps, used one on each shoulder, to divide the weight in the column. When in doubt, analyze at the time of purchase as it gets when the little one puts it on the back. Continue reading

Dolce Evo Trip Specialized

The company administrator and creator of Ciclofemini Bicycle School, Claudia Franco, in partnership with Specialized, decided to gather some friends to take a trip. But not an ordinary trip-they’ll just put the wheels on the road for three days, riding the bike and taking just the basics of basic baggage! The idea is also to test the new Dolce Evo bike and show that women of different ages can pedal and feel the taste of freedom and adventure around the world. Continue reading

Mature Woman: Not to Miss in Time to Get Dressed

Exaggerated necklines, tight clothes or loose too much. Although women over 40 or 50 years have the effect they had on youth – sometimes even more – they end up forgetting that the body and the environments that attend have changed. So, dress up properly is much more than a clothing brand and a wide variety of items in the Cabinet, is to have good sense and elegance. Continue reading