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Smartphones Will Be the Center of Your Personal Network Accessories

In an interview with iG, Horace Dediu, Asymco’s comments of the Smartphone market trends to 2015

2014 marked the year in which the big-screen smartphones fell in the popular taste. Almost all the State-of-the-art appliances released in the year came with 5-inch screens or more and even Apple surrendered to the trend with the iPhone 6 Plus .

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Lamp with Coffee Filter

The lamp is a decorative piece that is used to give a special lighting to the environment, besides bringing much elegance and sophistication in every decoration.

It is sold in stores specializing in lighting and decoration of environments, where you can find models and sizes very varied. But we also have models of handmade lamps, which can be customized at home using simple materials of our day to day, and that produce a very elegant and sophisticated work. Continue reading

Pebble Steel is a High Tech Watch with Metal Bracelet

I haven’t been hooked by wearable gadgets. This is a category of products that is still emerging, but the few available on the market are not fully functional or do not have a nice design. However, in an announcement made today CES 2014, the Pebble, a pioneer of intelligent watches, seems to take the first step to finally solve these two problems. The company announced the Pebble Steel, your premium smartwatch clock with metal bracelet and screen with Gorilla glass Glass. And also took the opportunity to publicize the arrival of your app store, planned for January this year.

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Blog Reader Question: LED Lights Flash in the Touch Lamp

Why Flash dimmable LED lamps in one touch dimmer” light on shortly before you light continuously? This phenomenon has been watching a blog reader.

This transformer with sensor control cable (connection “Touch”) inside the dining room light by Blogleser Marcus. For LED Retrofits such as the “Diodorus”-pin G4 bulb bottom right it is not intended. Continue reading

5 Lies You Need to Stop Believing about Backpacks

1-“Backpacks affect any back”

The The North Face backpacks have been developed with the assistance of professionals who value the well-being of the consumer. The Apmodel, which has the seal of approval from the American Chiropractic Association, distributes the weight perfectly between the two handles, avoiding the weight stay focused in one point of the shoulder. In addition, the model features side padded with polyethylene blanket for extra support on the back, and barrigueira. Continue reading

Double Test: New Philips PL-C-LED Tubes

They’re often especially in recessed downlights, ceiling and wall lamps: compact fluorescent lamps with a short tubular shape, G24 socket and 18 or 26 watts.Philips has eight low-power alternatives in the program for now. The “CorePro PL-C” – LED tubes with polycarbonate casing, hinged end caps and between 6 and 9 Watts of power consumption are however not anywhere easily and offer only average quality of light – at least if you believe the laboratory values. Continue reading

Your Water Bottle Will Be Made with Paper and Wood

The Naturall Bottle Alliance is a partnership between Danone, Nestlé Waters and Original Materials, and aims to produce a new generation of bio plastic

With bottled water reaching new heights around the world, and bearing in mind that PET packaging plastics are highly polluting, persisting in the environment for 100 years, it is no wonder that companies are looking for environmentally sustainable solutions and Responsible.

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