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The Glasses of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is the well-behaved Hollywood girl and the poster girl of the most sober fashionistas. Fan of the classic visuals and with a certain look Audrey Hepburn, the actress knows that she needs to wear sunglasses to accessorize her urban visuals. And complies with the rule, with great taste. But Katie prefers more sophisticated sunglasses to the more unusual ones that are gaining strength on the fashion catwalks.

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Do Grade Glasses and Jewelry Match

Time passes and the dilemmas persist: what to do withgrade glasses and jewelry? Can you use it and abuse it, or is the composition easily loaded? Well, like everything in life, with care and discretion, everything gives. In the case of glasses grade and jewelry is no different. Everything depends on the adverb so that everyone knows: the “how” is essential.

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Goodbye Degree Glasses: Vain Men Want to Get Rid of Them!

No one was born of grade glasses , but some people have more difficulty adapting to them than others. Although the eyewear industry has light and masculine frames, progressive lenses that adapt to the environment and the fashion world itself surrenders to the fascination of frames, the number of men who seek alternatives such as laser surgeries and lenses Of contact-and the techniques are increasingly developed.

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Swimming: Athletes Join the Chorus Against the Supermaiôs

A day after American Michael Phelps announce that should stay away from international competitions.

A day after American Michael Phelps announce that should stay away from international competitions until the new rules be adopted costumes, Thiago Pereira stressed the speech against the supermaiôs. The Brazilian swimmer supported the international swimming Federation’s decision to make a rigid control of the clothes. For James, the modern suit is “interfering in the sport.” Continue reading

Softshellhosen (240)

Hard shell, soft core: Softshellhosen

Soft shell jackets have quickly conquered the world of outdoor sports. They are comfortable and durable, at the same time light and air-permeable. Also, they have good thermal performance, because they can reliably protect against wind and hold water. When soft shell: “Jacket as pants!” Softshellhosen share with the material of course all advantages of jackets: they are extremely resilient and provide a high wearing comfort. On the skin a Softshellhose feels soft and comfortable, similar to that of Fleecehosen. In addition, Softshellhosen are elastic, so that one can move very well in them. Its outer material, however, is very robust and resistant. Softshellhosen make a versatile companion you can use fine in mountaineering the combination of these nearly opposite properties.

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For cold winter days

gloves – the best protection against cold hands!

Who addicted to outdoor sports, should call his own at least a few high-quality and above all warm gloves anyway. Frosty cold hands are not only very uncomfortable. By hypothermia, the otherwise so delicate “Tools” are restricted. Good gloves ensure that your hands are always warm and so the hands even in the iciest temperatures are fully operational. With a pair of matching gloves risked it guarantees never a “cold hands”!

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Fleecehosen (35)

Good Fleecehosen braving sub-zero temperatures

Good fleece, consisting of fleece, fleece or fleece, is essential for all friends of winter and those who reside in cold temperatures outside in nature and in the mountains. No matter, whether for winter hiking, skiing and snowboarding, mountaineering, mountaineering or expedition in very cold areas – a good, Lightweight fleece is definitely in the luggage and as additional insulation layer on the legs. The minus degrees can then finally come with the matching fleece for men and women.

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Outdoor jackets

The right jacket for any sport and any weather

With fixed climbing irons Mountain boots to the bouldering? It will be hard! Exactly so, with outdoor jacket. These are optimally equipped for every outdoor sports, therefore choosing the right jacket will be deliberate. All have the task to protect the wearer or the wearer from wind and weather, and to create a comfortable body climate. Rain or snow, wind or violent storm, moisture management and protection against the cold are the poles between which moves the function of weather jackets. < br / > at first a jacket is different to the purpose for which it is made. Then for the temperature range and the conditions under which it is carried, and finally in the execution. That sounds before buying more complicated than it is, can be explained easily. What for a jacket takes you to the hiking? What characteristics do need bike jackets? What is it important when running jackets? Good wind jackets look like?

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