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Unlocking the Secrets to Finding the Perfect Bikini

During the summer, Brazilian beaches are taken by women of different biotypes: a few more nipples, other skinny ones and those that are in great shape. Naturally, Brazilian women are known all over the world for their beauty and the exuberance of their feminine forms. To better accentuate the lines of your body, nothing better than a bikini model that values ​​your physical qualities, or, as some prefer, hide parts of the body that stand out too much. The right choice of bikini helps in these cases, because depending on the modeling there is the impression of smaller hips, highlighted breasts and other changes. Ideally, you should first keep in mind what you want to emphasize or reduce in your body, and then begin the search for the perfect bikini. Here are some tips: Continue reading

10 Tips to Go from Bike to Work

The landscape of Avenida Paulista, one of the most famous and important roads in São Paulo, will change in 2015: the central site will be divided by a bicycle path. This shows how bicycles are gaining importance, at least in the largest city in the country. The argument of the city of São Paulo is that the more bicycles in the streets, the less traffic in the city and the shorter the time of people’s movements. Continue reading

The Paulistanos Love to Pedal!

Paulistas love a bicycle. A survey released by Ibope proves the growing interest in bikes.The number of people who use them as a means of transportation grew by 50% compared to 2013 with this year, from 174.1 thousand to 261 thousand in São Paulo. The increase of cycle routes through the city also helps in the adhesion of new cyclists to the activity. A study by the Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo (Ciclocidade), pointed out that on Avenida Eliseu de Almeida, in Butantã (west zone) the number of cyclists increased by 53% after the installation of the bike path. In Largo da Batata, after the installation of the bicycle rack, the flow grew 37% in the Brigadeiro Faria Lima avenue. And the use of shared bikes increased by 141%. Continue reading

The Glasses of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is the well-behaved Hollywood girl and the poster girl of the most sober fashionistas. Fan of the classic visuals and with a certain look Audrey Hepburn, the actress knows that she needs to wear sunglasses to accessorize her urban visuals. And complies with the rule, with great taste. But Katie prefers more sophisticated sunglasses to the more unusual ones that are gaining strength on the fashion catwalks.

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Do Grade Glasses and Jewelry Match

Time passes and the dilemmas persist: what to do withgrade glasses and jewelry? Can you use it and abuse it, or is the composition easily loaded? Well, like everything in life, with care and discretion, everything gives. In the case of glasses grade and jewelry is no different. Everything depends on the adverb so that everyone knows: the “how” is essential.

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Goodbye Degree Glasses: Vain Men Want to Get Rid of Them!

No one was born of grade glasses , but some people have more difficulty adapting to them than others. Although the eyewear industry has light and masculine frames, progressive lenses that adapt to the environment and the fashion world itself surrenders to the fascination of frames, the number of men who seek alternatives such as laser surgeries and lenses Of contact-and the techniques are increasingly developed.

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Swimming: Athletes Join the Chorus Against the Supermaiôs

A day after American Michael Phelps announce that should stay away from international competitions.

A day after American Michael Phelps announce that should stay away from international competitions until the new rules be adopted costumes, Thiago Pereira stressed the speech against the supermaiôs. The Brazilian swimmer supported the international swimming Federation’s decision to make a rigid control of the clothes. For James, the modern suit is “interfering in the sport.” Continue reading