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Prices 7 Nexus with Vodafone

While Google keeps us vigilant for its Nexus 4 stock, the rest of Nexus devices begins to reach operators, which added connection to mobile internet as attraction against those who cannot rely on WiFi networks back in where they are going. It’s the last of the innovations incorporated into the catalogue Vodafone February after Sony Xperia Z, the Z10 Blackberry, Nokia Lumia 620, HTC SV or the tablet Asus with Windows RT, becomes the Nexus 7 which is available for 74 cents a day with connection and VAT included. Continue reading

The First Drone Haier Ready for Launch

New confirmations come on the imminent launch of the first drone weblog Xiaomi. The Chinese company is currently involved in the design and implementation of not only smartphones but also of different technological gadgets like fitness band, TV, power bank and smart scales. The production of a drone would represent a further challenge for dynamic Asian company, globally recognized for the quality of its products sold at reasonable prices. Continue reading

What Colors Match with Blue Pants

How To Use Blue Pants Klein–Tips To Match Colors

Colored pants are super high since last summer. Among them, a color has gained much prominence, Klein Blue (blue Bic). The pants this tonality can both be used in winter as in summer. They leave the looks laid back and super modern, but for that you need to combine them with other colors. Check out some tips to hit the choice: Continue reading