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S. Café® Functional Clothing: The Potential of Coffee Bean!

Function coverings from S. Café® take advantage of the hitherto unsuspected potential of the coffee bean. Clothing from the innovative S. Café® textiles combine a variety of functional material properties, which provide more comfort in outdoor sports . Find out more about the special properties of S. Café® textiles… Continue reading

On a Special Night, Vintage Culture Receives the Award

In addition to Vintage, Phouse Magazine, Tomorrowland, BlancAh, Marcelo CIC, Elekfantz and many others were also awarded.

The magazine Phouse was crowned the night of this Wednesday (27) as the Best Specialized Vehicle on the Brazilian electronic scene in the V RMC Prize.The honor was received by the founder of Luckas Wagg magazine in club 00, in Rio de Janeiro.

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Best Designer Clothes

Where to buy a prom dress for the wedding without spending crazy? Obviously there are very affordable outlets with fabulous collections.

A ceremony is always a major event and requires the right dress. You don’t have to then make you panic (and anxiety of budget) because you can be elegant without spending a lot of money. Before setting out in search of your dress is good to predict a price ceiling for expenditure. Why? Helps to make a skimming and especially not to waste time. The second step is then travel to the nearest outlet at home or still cheaper. Continue reading

Diesel Sunglasses Review

Even Diesel there presents his collection of sunglasses with a view ‘summer 2012 that is coming. And in the very style casual chic that has always characterized the brand, the collection ranges easily among the aviator models which are now an indispensable classic, the navigator from garçon mood, the beautiful oversize designed in forms also very eccentric as they have for many brands in the last period, and of course the forms from retro cat eye and more mischievous. Diesel declines its models in typical summer colors, we take a look together with the new collection.

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Ladies Leather Jacket with Fur Collar

Jacket – one of the universal elements in clothing. This element of the closet can meet in the collections every season. In addition, designers often offer a variety of models 2 in 1 which are suitable for both warm and cold periods. During this winter season, the coolest steel, leather jackets. Overall, stylists say that every leather adds leather jacket modern style. However leather is considered the most universal view skin. This is due to the fact that he has a long nap and a classic combination of white and black shades.

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Sweaters XXL

Sweaters are an indispensable ALLROUNDER: they are suitable for everyday use, but also for special occasions, you can wear them on cool summer days or in the depths of winter. Depending on the cut, fabric and design sweater XXL expressing much about the wearer on their personality and sense of style. About user trends, materials, cuts and fabrics:

Much choice in sweaters in XXL
Long sweaters, Twinsets, bat sleeves, turtlenecks, sweater, fleece: Strong women have the choice. With 4xl sweaters, you should make sure that they are character-umspielend, made of high-quality materials and detail prove love if a leaner look is desired. Everything else is left to the wearer.

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Rihanna Wearing Armani Hoodies

Saturday, March 12, the singer launched his Anti World Tour 2016 showing off with his music, but also with her look. We have a small preview: for the final date will wear a gown studded with Swarovski,‘s style. Check out the sketch of the hoodie!

Saturday March 12 Rihanna opened its 2016 Anti World Tour with the first stop in Jacksonville, Florida, which was sold out. Was there any doubt?

The 11 and 13 July arrives in Italy respectively in Turin and Milan and we’re all anxiously awaiting. Continue reading

Winter Clothes and Accessories in Big Sizes

This blog post is about plus size sweaters and accessories.

If you look a bit on the weather forecast from DMI, it will not be warmer – so you might as well pack the shorts and the gorgeous polo shirts away. On the other hand, it will be the weather to find the xxl sweaters, gloves and scarf. Some of favorites are selected for you. The characterizing crewneck mature this winter, the focus is on colors such as dark green, dark blue, Brown, Burgundy and not least pang colors such as yellow and orange. It is, of course, not everyone has the courage to wear a screaming-yellow sweater — so different models of sweaters and accessories are picked out, which will hopefully hit something for everyone.

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