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Enamels Summer 2010: Purple Nails

French manicure goodbye. After years of supremacy, the style that ruled the roost on the nails around the world leaves the throne in favor of new colors and much more gritty.

The tones such as white, beige or pink abdicate from the realm of fashion and in their place new peep palette full of charm. First of all, the purple.

Far from being a typical winter shades, purple dominates the nails for spring-summer 201 0 and it does it in all its aspects: from dark to light passing through the lilac. Also see how to care your nails on Continue reading

Evening Makeup With Kiko Wanderlust

Are you looking for a beautiful make-up and bright inspire you? Follow our makeup makeup tutorial for more elegant evening: we are certain that there ‘ll love!


The evening makeup that we propose in this tutorial begins with a classical base make up cut crease with neutral colors and lights of beautiful multicolored reflections thanks to the application of sparkling glitter.

To make the evening makeup you see we have used only products makeup Kiko Milano, and in particular many pieces of exclusive design make-up collection Kiko Wanderlust 2016 Summer. Wonderlust is the first collection of the Milan cosmetics company created in collaboration with a famous artist, SourceMakeup, a designer defined as “the visionary author of the new modern aesthetic.”

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Makeup Remover With Micellar Water: 4 Reasons To Start A Do

The micellar water is widely considered to be a miracle product that can not miss the beauty routine of a woman! But why? I’ll explain here!

Today I’ll talk micellar water, a product that has revolutionized the world of cosmetics due to its usefulness and practicality.

For those (few) of you who have never heard of this miraculous cosmetic here’s some reference point.

The micellar water is on the market for about twenty years, but only recently his fame exploded worldwide.

Is considered a two-in-one because it performs the cleaning of the face but can also be used as a makeup remover, to remove thoroughly all traces of make up and impurities that are deposited on the skin.

Many cosmetics brands have developed its micellar water line, designed for very different types of skin, but not everyone has an affordable price.

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7 Secrets To Being Beautiful Even Without Makeup

Be beautiful without makeup. This is the real goal that can be achieved thanks to some tips, often obvious, but not always understood by all women.
Many women still mistakenly think that the trick is the only tool you have at your disposal to be beautiful, every day.

Of course, the make-up is fun , you can indulge their creativity, but it is wrong to think that only with foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks & Co. can highlight her beauty.

We spend too much time in front of the mirror to create for ourselves a mask that makes us feel safer.

Yet we are not aware of what we can be beautiful without.

The beauty soap and water will never go out of fashion and every man he is electrocuted.

Waking up next to a woman who does not totally change overnight is what men secretly trying to share a life .

Try to do without eye shadow and pencil for a few days.

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Nail Gel

The hands play an important role in everyday life; They have the power to make us safe or uncomfortable at all times. This is why it becomes increasingly important to care. Among the various existing techniques, the gel appears to be one of the fastest nails reconstruction methods. There are several types, each with its own characteristics and its own specific functions.
Today we talk about the reconstruction in gel nails on the hands and feet. Personally I love this technique and the run for years because, as you probably all know, the well-groomed nails are essential to the beauty of the hands and even the feet. Sometimes the nails can present an aspect not shiny, healthy as it should be, and it is in those cases that this process is useful;not only to have beautiful nails in every occasions so, but also for other types of reasons:

• In the presence of nails “bitten”

It is nail biting, and to overcome the problem, you can use products to use on the nail or opt for reconstruction in gel or acrylic.

• In the case of brittle nails.

The fact that the present grooves or nails from breaking easily often indicates lack of minerals or vitamins, weakening of the physical state of the person, or exposure to corrosive media (such as detergents from Also here you can take action to improve health by making use of nail enamels reinforcing or resorting to the reconstruction in gel or acrylic, allowing the nail to grow and reach the desired length.

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Dictionary of Terms in Makeup

I was thinking about how many times we hear terms or words in cosmetics or makeup that we sound as if we were speaking in Chinese, and for this reason I thought that we could go window and make a kind of dictionary and go so knowing its meaning. Today in my blog we started to develop the personal dictionary of makeup. What if, at least for the time being won’t them to sort alphabetically. Later, if we collect enough, they can be arranged like

  • Blush: blush
  • Eye Liner: eyeliner
  • Waterline: water line which are the two internal lines of eyes that come together when we are open and close.
  • Glitter: Glitter, glitter, as uds tell you.
  • Nude: Naked, in very natural colors as if not take anything.
  • Concealer: concealer
  • Prime: Prebase before makeup
  • Shimmer: bright
  • Swatches: displays of product, when we pass some shadow for example in our hand to mostar as it pigments.
  • Depotar: remove the shadows of source containers to make popsicle costumizadas
  • Guru: girl or boy that has a channel on youtube and upload videos with makeup tutorials.
  • Haul: Shopping
  • Review: Comments on the analysis and testing of the products. Review of products.
  • Waterproof: Water resistant.
  • Jumbo: Pencil thick very creamy texture which may well be of shadow, lip or multi-purpose serving for eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Multiple: Rod of makeup used to make eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Shadow: Shadow
  • Lipstick: Lips bar.
  • Lash (or lashes): Tabs. (False Lashes: false eyelashes)
  • Foundation: Makeup base.
  • Concealer: Corrector.
  • Gloss: Lip gloss (Glossy: bright)
  • Cleaner: Cleaner (Clean: clean, use)
  • Eyebrow: Eyebrow.
  • Nail Art: Art on nails, nail decoration. (Nails: nail)
  • Banana: is the area where the eyelid and the fixed, meet that curvita that sinks into the eyelid and that runs from roughly the area of the tear to the outer edge.
  • CI: stands for the English Court. Many girls abbreviated as well for not having to type the whole word in forums or blogs.
  • Wishlist: list of desired products.
  • Brush or brushes: brush or brushes.
  • Fix: fixed.
  • SPF: SPF.

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