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Day of Beauty

Good news: Fernanda Cannalonga, founder of Canna (brand of vegan handbags and accessories) and conscious lifestyle Columnist, is creating a program called journey of beauty, with the goal of helping those who want to make choices of beauty “more conscious, healthy and friends of animals”.

Just as in the case of processed foods, the list of ingredients of cosmetics is often so long and mysterious that it’s hard to understand what people are actually using. And that goes also for the everyday products we use with attendance, such as SOAP, toothpaste and shampoo. I can’t think of conscious consumption when we can’t even pronounce the name of which is consuming, doesn’t it?

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Beauty Tips of Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes, owner of an explosive, beauty is authentic and known for your body outlined, the result of much effort! She gave an interview to the Spanish Glamor this month and featured various beauty tips that are between your skin care routine and makeup. I took the most interesting and I decided to make a post here on FF, after all, a beauty tip is never enough! Continue reading

Tree Change Dolls, Dolls without Makeup

You already know the Tree Change Dolls, the dolls without makeup created by Sonia Singh? I present to you! Are beautiful and totally “nature”.

The series of dolls more and more “real”, i.e. dolls closer and closer to reality, to people and children as they are really, seems not to stop more. After the dolls with disabilities, in fact, it was the turn of dolls without makeup, namely those of the artist Sonia Singh named Tree Change Dolls. Continue reading

Artdeco “Couture Spearmint”

Today I would like to introduce you a varnish, which in my opinion fits colorfully into the summer and with which I had to think after painting directly on a similar varnish. The talk is of the Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer in the color 832 “Couture Spearmint”. The Art Couture Nail Lacquer series has been available in the Artdeco range since the middle of Mayand includes 36 colors. They are characterized by a new brush which is designed to facilitate application. By a special gel-based film former the paints dry very quickly. A 100% herbal bio-elasticizing agent is said to keep the texture elastic even after drying and thereby increase the durability.

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Exclusive Interview with Thepersianbabe

The persianbabe, nail artist of Real Time, reveals all the secrets to having perfect nails and fashion.

When and how your passion for nail art?

A passion for nail art is born by chance: I was looking for on the web about make-up because I wanted to learn this art. Browsing I came across Cliomakeup and generally in youtube tutorials that I have literally kidnapped. Over time, I began to follow other tutorialist and some videos of nail art. It was love at first sight: I have always loved to draw and I liked the idea of making a manicure alone. I started to experiment and I have not stopped. Continue reading