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NEW Dior “Golden Winter” Collection (Christmas)

The year’s Christmas collection by Dior is a sign of gold. Be golden nuances, the golden shimmering highlighter eyeshadow palette or the Lipgloss with fine gold particles. Gold met in the collection not only in products but also in their packaging. The Diorific design is again present at Christmas time, gold is everywhere and is also in the name of the collection:”Golden winter ‘ – and thanks to the products that is feasible (if it no longer wants to work with White Christmas, make something glamorous and opulent everything ourselves and shine in luxurious gold!). Continue reading NEW Dior “Golden Winter” Collection (Christmas)

Women’s Summer Hair-Cuts and Hairstyles

Women’s hair trends for summer 2012, appear quite controversial. On the one hand, we have the millimeter hair trimmed, with no drizzle outside the place, smooth and straight; at the other end, the highlights are deconstructed, with wires that make a lot of volume, movement and curls, besides hairstyles made purposefully littered with loose threads and kind of messed up. Continue reading Women’s Summer Hair-Cuts and Hairstyles

Women’s Haircuts for Summer

Every season which begins it is common that women have the desire to change the look, thus ensuring a look updated and consistent with the trends of the moment. This is even more motivated by fashion shows, runway inspired bets and dictate how our beauty in the coming seasons. And, as we are preparing for the arrival of the spring and summer, how about checking out what will be the most desired haircuts? Continue reading Women’s Haircuts for Summer

The Makeup Artist Pat Mcgrath

The agenda “party” was what didn’t this week here on the blog! Were dresses, hairstyles and today to complete the perfect visual of red carpet, the subject that could not miss is makeup!!!! Ahhh how we love it! I’m addicted to make! By the way, for a while I’d like to speak here for you on a makeup artist for which I’m completely in love with the work. Her name is Pat McGrath, and flawless skin like nobody’s business!!! Works a face as if it were a work of art! Continue reading The Makeup Artist Pat Mcgrath

The Best Women’s Fragrances

As the unforgettable and consecrated designer Coco Chanel, “a woman without perfume, is a woman without a future”. She’s absolutely right, no? It’s almost impossible to be immune and do not be charmed with these magical bottles, guardians of surrounding fragrances able to arouse the most varied and delicious sensations. Continue reading The Best Women’s Fragrances

Enamel Layla: Spring Summer Collection

If you want a maquillage of your nails really bright, then don’t miss the new spring summer 2011 collection nail polishes Layla. 5 beautiful new colors for a spring that is seen already on your hands!

Layla Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more a successful name in the world of make-up and, especially, in nail art make-up. Its formula that combines an innovative special effects palette has become, in fact, almost irreplaceable for those who love the latest in nail. Continue reading Enamel Layla: Spring Summer Collection