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Narrow Rings and Delicate Material Lead to Current Jewelery Trends

Have you been to Pinterest lately?Yes?Then maybe you noticed.If you click on the categories fashion or popular, then in the last weeks and months new trends have always dominated the market and interest of the Pinner.Only a few trends have been consistently maintained and are rising even higher in the popularity of Pinterest users.And one of these trends are narrow rings .Reason enough, therefore, to get closer to these filigree jewelery.What forms are dominant and how do you wear these narrow rings?You will be given answers if you continue reading. Continue reading

Alessia Novelli mia’s

Two lawyers and a passion for fashion and creativity: are Alessia Novelli and Gianpaolo Pastro. The idea of ​​the symbol of tie knot is born of bracelets Mia’s collection. Bijoux but also t-shirt.

Fresh, summer, but also perfect to give a little ‘color to gray winter; of different colors, materials and 100% Made in Italy. We’re talking about MIA’s bracelets, the project created by professional groups-and sentimental-formed by Alessia Novelli and Gianpaolo Pastro. Young (under 30 years) after having studied law, Alessia and Gianpaolo decide to give shape to their passion for fashion, creating this line of bracelets, later expanded with a collection oft-shirts, known throughout Italy and at the level international. You know those held together by knots’ iconic anchor ? Here, they are the creators of this summer 2014. phenomenon We met them in Milan, during the party that celebrated the birthday of the brand. We had a chat with Alessia, who told us the story of a passion that became an adventure and today a real success profession…

About two years ago from an idea that we had and I Gianpaolo. Although at the time we worked in a law firm, we decided to create something new, starting from the common passion for fashion andaccessories . Thanks to the web, Facebook and Instragram above all, almost immediately the brand has become a phenomenon. Just from social networks started the network to our stores, that in this way we have loved and known, spread throughout Italy. The first to believe in us were the cities of Milan and Forte dei Marmi.

Do not you have your own brand boutique?
Not yet. At the moment we prefer to focus on another type of distribution, which is not based on the amount, to the mat, but on quality. We do not want to fill the shops with our products: we have chosen a good distribution in strategic locations and selected.

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Skin Bling Tattoo Jewelry

Is it a piece of jewelry or a tattoo? When you see Skin bling so it is easy to wonder if this is the jewelry or tattoos, and the fact is that this is a new innovation that has taken Swedish jewelry enthusiasts by storm. Skin Bling is a form of one-off tattoos that have more volume and thus looks like very skin near the jewelry metal. You can combine these jewelry tattoos with ordinary accessories and the result is unique. We think you should test Skin Bling now available in our online store, but before you order the design you like best, you should take advantage of our tips for the best results.

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Buy Online Cheap Rhinestone Jewelry

The invention of the rhinestone one day effectively revolutionized the jewelry world. Since the mid-18th century, the rhinestone joined his triumph as imitation diamonds. In English there are still the name rhinestone Strass, because formerly crystals from the Rhine were used as gemstone imitations. The Latin term imitation was also long used for diamond imitations. in 1996, the jewellery giant Swarovski could secure the rhinestones as a trademark. But why did the rhinestone – a jewelry term today almost anyone can – start with something really his name? Indeed, this has something to do with its inventor. Continue reading

Jewelry: the Trends for the Year

Jewelery is subject to changing fashions. The current trend is: less is more. Instead of pomp and glitter now fine understatement is announced. For this, more emphasis is placed on high-quality materials. It is particularly gold. In addition to white gold and yellow gold, Rosé gold is the absolute top seller. The warm tone of Rosé gold fits to the pastel tones of the current fashion as well as to strong and clear colors, which are also in vogue. The mixture of various shades of gold is very timely. Jewelery limited to a single color is even considered fade. The trinkets have become a total filigree. Now, narrow Ruffs with delicate followers, which range in the cleavage, are an absolute must. Continue reading