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Mural of the Village with Furniture and Spaces Decorated

Did you know that you can also participate in  the Village Wall by  sending photos of your customized furniture, or their decorated spaces? Did they see it? They can and should. Today is one of these murals where we will see how our colleagues decorate and transform their furniture and spaces using tips like  stickers  and  decupagem, a simple technique that really changes everything. Continue reading

Baby Room Decor Pink and Brown: Walls, Furniture and Models

Baby room decor pink and Brown: Walls, furniture and models

Baby room decor

As soon as he learns that he is waiting at little girl, any woman feel born in SI a feeling again of rejuvenation. It’s as if everything she had open hands to get into adult life suddenly becomes interesting. That’s why one of the first steps they take is to start the  baby room decor. Continue reading

Lg Launches New X-Line Focusing on Productivity, Camera and Battery

despite the diversity of products offered, lg’s lines tend to be quite lean. in the current portfolio of the brand in brazil we have only the lines k, g and x.    the latest series of the brand, lg x, already had the model x screen in retail, and has just won three new variants. get to know the following new handsets that south korean brand launched recently. Continue reading

The Real Dangers of the Mobile Phone

The conclusions of science on the effects of devices without which we no longer know how to live

low frequency electromagnetic fields , which include
cell phone radiation, have been
classified as
‘possibly carcinogenic
to humans’ by the
International Agency for Research
on Cancer, linked to
the World Health Organization
(WHO). The measure came
as a result of a study that examined the exposure to
mobile phone use of patients diagnosed with brain tumors in 13 countries over 10 years. Continue reading