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Excessive Artificial Lighting Can Cause Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer

An international research group, which incorporates a Faculty of the Polytechnic of Oporto, warned this Thursday (22/12) to harm the intensive lighting environment and health, referring to the increased likelihood of developing diabetes, obesity and cancer (breast and prostate). Continue reading Excessive Artificial Lighting Can Cause Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer

Review and Opinions Petzl Nao + / 575

Notice to cycling, hiking and caving lovers, we tested the two Petzl Nao + headlamps and its 575 lumens version.We decided to combine the two models of rechargeable headlamps in the same test because they are substantially similar and the Nao + is the latest generation (also known as Petzl Nao 3).Just like our other powerful LED torch tests, we tested them in the field (hiking and running). Continue reading Review and Opinions Petzl Nao + / 575

6 Kinds of Wedding to Inspire You

Deciding how to organize the wedding party is not something so simple, but it does not have to be stressful. The options are many and dosing these with budget is the secret. There are weddings of all kinds, in the street, in the church, in country places, on the beach, etc. Have not you decided on yours yet? See 6 types of wedding to inspire you! Continue reading 6 Kinds of Wedding to Inspire You

Choose a Flexible Led Ribbon

Quick description of all our LED strips

The LEDs used for the manufacture of our Ribbons are brand (Epistar, Samsung, etc.), this allows to guarantee a long service life and a high brightness, with a LED 2 times brighter than LEDs first prize. We offer ribbons of professional quality with a very good report quality / price by making our ribbons to our specifications.

The following table gives the light powers, their equivalents in Watt, as well as the Cliffside to our different types of ribbons (in 12V or 24V DC), click on the images to enlarge them:

You will find further explanations about the types of ribbons lower in this page.

Continue reading Choose a Flexible Led Ribbon

Wall Clocks

You have a wall that needs a decorative element and don’t know what to put. How about wall clock? When there is talk about wall decor, we soon in frames, very few people consider the use of clock. With various forms, sizes and design options available, find a match with your decor is not a task that requires great effort. Look good on any wall, can be in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the Hall, will only add on your decoration. Continue reading Wall Clocks

Review: the Silent 4 Watt Wide Illumination Led from OSRAM

A brand new OSRAM GU10 LED spotlight with 6.5 Watts and 120 degree half value angle was record-breaking loud recently here in the test. That wide radiant light but without the buzz goes, proves the weaker 4-Watt model.

This was not a successful chapter in the history of the OSRAM quality management: A newly developed, non-dimmable 450-lumen spotlight with 120-degree leg of light came first to Germany as acoustically unobtrusive prototype from the Chinese factory. An unknown to me number of copies from the first series batch buzzed but with enormous volume – in quiet surroundings to two meters distance audible. Continue reading Review: the Silent 4 Watt Wide Illumination Led from OSRAM