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Fishing for Carp in Shallow Water

The shallow waterfishing for carp is an exciting fishery. Ponds that are no deeper than one meter in question, or lower pay…

Lakes and rivers with pronounced shallow water zones. Many carp are in very shallow zones often on forage, which are disapproved of by many anglers practically then. In the spring, the water is heated faster in the shallow water zones, where the starving carp first gründeln for food.

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Coastal Fishing

Coastal fishing jetties, groynes and harbour basin in Denmark and also on the German Baltic Sea coast on marine fish, has become the new leisure activities. Pure variety offers to fishing from the shore on sea trout, cod, flatfish and eels. Many Baltic ports in Denmark, according to the…

Apenrader port or as sea trout Harbour called Jutland by Århus or Sønderborg, and on Sealand, excellent grounds have become for the target fish sea trout. The stone breakwater at the harbour offers good fishing

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Fishing for Mullet, Which Is a Flow-loving Fish

The fighting strength of the barbel (Barbus barbus) is incredible, but the fish to track is no easy task. The stands and biting times…

Fish are dependent on the seasons, weather conditions and water levels. On the Weirs of the rivers at medium water level or running water, you can catch mullets well on the day. In dry periods in the summer the combative fish bite rather only from about 8: 00 in the night.

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Learn about the Equipment and Materials Most Suitable

The gold is a freshwater fish that can reach up to a meter in length and weighing many kilos. It is so named because of your golden colour with reddish reflexes. Is a carnivorous fish that live in Rapids and waterfalls. It is much sought after by fishermen for your taste yummy and received them the title of “King of the river”. Those who want to fish dourado must go prepared, equipped with everything necessary. Check out what materials and equipment you need to take to catch a Golden!

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Encastoado for Golden Fishing with Tuviras

We all know that Golden fishing with Tuviras, the bait should be alive, so she is quite attractive to the predator, one of the factors that most kills the Tuviras is the blessed encastoado, it must be done right for her to stay alive as long as possible, in order to be efficient, in this case, even the hook makes a difference in this fishery then let’s understand more, and know how to do properly this encastoado: Continue reading Encastoado for Golden Fishing with Tuviras

Eating Your Fishing

There are thousands of species of fish and many ways of cooking, including frying, deep frying, broiling, grilling, baking and bake in water. You can find a variety of cookbooks at your local fish store, bookstore or library.

From a simple seaside lunch to a gourmet dinner, fish is always a spectacular meal. And it’s also very good for health.

Nutritional value of fish
Fish is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fats.

A plate of four ounces of fish may contain 30-40 percent of the daily requirement of protein the body.

The fish liver oil is an exceptional source of vitamins A and D. The fat in fish is a major source of vitamin D. And all fish contain several vitamins B.

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15 Great Fishing Tips

I discussed some great fishing tips so that you mejoréis in your role as fisherman. They are not tricks or techniques specific or targeted to a specific fishing mode, only recommendations that aims to lead to reflection to both fishermen who start, as those who already have long been launching the decoy.

15 tips to help improve as a fisherman

Possibly you could write a book with 2,000 more, but here you have 15:

1. Find a good teacher

You are looking for good fishing masters, you will learn more effectively.

2. You only focus on technique.

Test the sea, reservoir, River, fishing, boat fishing,… you enrich little by little as a fisherman. There will possibly be a technique that you like more, but have to be off-road albeit sporadic mode since it will open you mind on how to react to unforeseen situations.

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