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Chocks (31)

Well secured with clamping wedges in climbing and mountaineering

, Nuts are an absolute must in the climbing equipment of each sport climber and climbers who want to move not only by bolts to bolts. The practical wedges offer a good way to hedge in cracks. Whether you would like to create an additional fuse in a sport climb between two widely spaced hooks, or completely secures a tour, chocks should always in the harness hang.

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Hybrid helmets (26)

Perfect protection while climbing through hybrid helmets

, An extensive climbing tour holds many dangers. Because a good head protection is extremely important, a high-quality hybrid helmet is an essential part of the climbing equipment. No matter whether an accident can rocks, falls or shocks – always happen. Hybrid climbing helmets offer an optimal level of safety the head and make for a successful tour, which will not be overshadowed by an accident.

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Do (11)

With do to the shoe on Winter hike

When the trail is snow-covered or icy, do provide firm grip and footing. Do are a form of crampons, which are strapped directly under the shoe. In contrast to crampons do have smaller teeth, need no special footwear and can attach to any fixed boot if necessary. So can be slippery terrain or icy paths without any problems crossing.

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Express sets (76)

Express sets for rock climbing and mountaineering

Expressen are inseparable from the climbing and mountaineering and belong to the standard equipment of every alpinist. The express sets are also called Expressen or short mutexes. They consist of two snap hooks, which are connected by an express Sling. You extend the carabiners in the interim backups and reduce so the friction of the rope. Also have Expressets an important joint function and prevent dangerous twisting of the carabiner, which can lead to lateral loads. Even though the wide range of express sets at first glance may appear confusing – with a bit of experience guarantees every enthusiastic climber finds the right product.

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Mountaineering & ice climbing

Ice climbing – the challenge of bizarre ice formations.

Few years ago, ice climbing was regarded as discipline, which was reserved for only seasoned mountaineers. Today, ice climbing in addition to appropriate fitness demands much knowledge, discipline and courage. However much teamed in terms of equipment and availability of ice falls and steep ice, so that this sport is now available for a wide range of mountain sports enthusiasts.

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Pitons (27)

Pitons – the classic way, while climbing to hedge

Long before the first friends were invented, Pitons were far ahead of the clamping wedges and the bolts the only way to secure a climbing route. All classic increases were recorded with mostly self forged, climbing hooks, wooden wedges or cord loops secured. And even if it is, gone out of fashion today to draw, with rock hooks and rock hammer in the mountains there are a lot of situations, where both can not be waived.

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Backup & rappelling equipment

Belay devices and abseil devices

The tube

a backup device is in climbing gear, today and give you. It offers more comfort in handling compared to the assurance with half mast litter and is gentler to the rope. Many backup devices can be used also as a descender.

A wide range of different devices from the tube via the descent until to the semi-automatic machines can be found in us in the shop.

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Hard shell helmets (5)

The head is always optimally protected with a hard shell helmet

, The most important muscle in the climbing is the head. Even though this saying sounds now slightly corny, you can deny but his veracity him. Who pays when climbing on protection and security, for which a hard shell helmet is simply. Hard shell helmets protect the head from stone and ice strike especially in the Alpine use, and ensure that the climb is accident-free.

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