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A Londoner among the Best in the World on Bmx

Brazil Has Six Riders At The BMX World Championship In The Netherlands, Which Began On Wednesday And Continues Until Sunday

Londoner Júlia Alves is among the best riders in the world in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to compete in the BMX World Championship, the most important event of the sport. This year’s competition is even more important, as it will count points for the BMX ranking for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading A Londoner among the Best in the World on Bmx

10 Tips to Go from Bike to Work

The landscape of Avenida Paulista, one of the most famous and important roads in São Paulo, will change in 2015: the central site will be divided by a bicycle path. This shows how bicycles are gaining importance, at least in the largest city in the country. The argument of the city of São Paulo is that the more bicycles in the streets, the less traffic in the city and the shorter the time of people’s movements. Continue reading 10 Tips to Go from Bike to Work

The Paulistanos Love to Pedal!

Paulistas love a bicycle. A survey released by Ibope proves the growing interest in bikes.The number of people who use them as a means of transportation grew by 50% compared to 2013 with this year, from 174.1 thousand to 261 thousand in São Paulo. The increase of cycle routes through the city also helps in the adhesion of new cyclists to the activity. A study by the Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo (Ciclocidade), pointed out that on Avenida Eliseu de Almeida, in Butantã (west zone) the number of cyclists increased by 53% after the installation of the bike path. In Largo da Batata, after the installation of the bicycle rack, the flow grew 37% in the Brigadeiro Faria Lima avenue. And the use of shared bikes increased by 141%. Continue reading The Paulistanos Love to Pedal!

How to Calibrate Your Bike Tires

Contrary to the general imagination, it is the moving parts of our bike that are most important in its performance! It’s no use having a super-exchange, a great suspension, a next-generation disc brake, if our central motion, crankshaft, hubs and wheels are of poor quality. So the first “upgrades” on our thinnings should be the moving parts.

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How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents?

For all those who ride bicycles, whether they are professional or weekend cyclists, practically everyone has had some experience with accidents on board their bikes, right?   Whether those tumbles when we are still children or major accidents involving the chaotic traffic of cities, no one is immune to fatalities of this type. But how can I avoid bicycle accidents? It is to answer this question that we created this article. Continue reading How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents?

Men Are Majority on Bike Paths in São Paulo

According to the survey, cyclists do not wear a helmet and carry backpacks

The majority of the cyclists that circulate in the São Paulo capital are made up of men without a helmet and carrying backpacks, who use the bicycle at peak times to get to and from work. The profile was traced by the Ciclocity survey (Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo). Continue reading Men Are Majority on Bike Paths in São Paulo

Racing shoes (25)

Road bike shoes

, Road bike shoes are click shoes for road click systems, where the main focus is on optimal power transmission and excellent climate comfort is. To realize these properties, the manufacturers rely on sophisticated systems for shoes with stiff soles, efficient closures and functional materials. The shoes for the Shimano SPD-SL system or the look system, with classic three-hole mounting are usually equipped. Rarely, they also have threads for Shimano SPD cleats.

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Shoe covers (41)

Prevent cold and wet feet while cycling with overshoes

Shoe covers are a small, but effective and practical accessory, these beautify some tour with the racing bike or mountain bike helps. < br / > the feet are an important factor for the regulation of the temperature of the whole body. If you have cold feet, freezes usually to the fuselage. Bicycle shoes in General, but particularly the sporty models of bike shoes and mountain bike shoes with a slight upper made of mesh, have not just a good insulation performance. Since the small swabs made of neoprene or synthetic fibre help, because they are windproof, water repellent, or even fully waterproof and prevent the loss of body heat. < br / > what do know one else to overshoes and should note at the time of purchase, there to read the following.

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