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How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents?

For all those who ride bicycles, whether they are professional or weekend cyclists, practically everyone has had some experience with accidents on board their bikes, right?   Whether those tumbles when we are still children or major accidents involving the chaotic traffic of cities, no one is immune to fatalities of this type. But how can I avoid bicycle accidents? It is to answer this question that we created this article. Continue reading

Racing shoes (25)

Road bike shoes

, Road bike shoes are click shoes for road click systems, where the main focus is on optimal power transmission and excellent climate comfort is. To realize these properties, the manufacturers rely on sophisticated systems for shoes with stiff soles, efficient closures and functional materials. The shoes for the Shimano SPD-SL system or the look system, with classic three-hole mounting are usually equipped. Rarely, they also have threads for Shimano SPD cleats.

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Shoe covers (41)

Prevent cold and wet feet while cycling with overshoes

Shoe covers are a small, but effective and practical accessory, these beautify some tour with the racing bike or mountain bike helps. < br / > the feet are an important factor for the regulation of the temperature of the whole body. If you have cold feet, freezes usually to the fuselage. Bicycle shoes in General, but particularly the sporty models of bike shoes and mountain bike shoes with a slight upper made of mesh, have not just a good insulation performance. Since the small swabs made of neoprene or synthetic fibre help, because they are windproof, water repellent, or even fully waterproof and prevent the loss of body heat. < br / > what do know one else to overshoes and should note at the time of purchase, there to read the following.

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Road bikes (5)

Road bikes – F1 under the bikes

Who enjoy scenery, want to exercise and speed experiences bring under a hat is well served by a road. The road surface in reasonably good condition is so long, no limit is set exploring different areas of the road: tours in erhebungslosem Plains to steep mountain passes, anything is possible. So the race experience will be a memorable moment, the equipment must fit however: components, frames, and accessories should be adapted to the respective application area.

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Stems (17)


Manufactured in different lengths and for different diameter of handlebars, stems are one of the few ways to affect the geometry of the bike and the position subsequently. The wheel stem attaches to the steerer tube of the Steering head and attacks the handlebar. Optionally, it consists of carbon or aluminium. In the former, the driver during installation to the tightening torque must respect. In General, using special fitting grease is recommended for carbon components.

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Bike tools (41)

Rut – the helper at the roadside

Great weather, the wind roars cooling around the ears, it is really in his element and then the breakdown happens. A flat tire, the circuit no longer catches or again the temporal bless the chain. So out of the rut! Bike mishaps are not only annoying, they also occur mostly, if you can not use them. Therefore, it is essential to have the corresponding rut in the luggage especially on multi-day tours. To check-in time so the tool kit and it’s “touring capabilities” to test!

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Bike parts

To the dream bike with the right bicycle parts

, The matching components make the bike out of the box to the desired car. Crankbrothers and other well-known manufacturers of bicycles can be with all possible available in the shop items from Shimano, Fizik, swallow, look, whether touring bike, racing bike or mountain bike to the individual racer remodel. < br / > to obtain an overview, there is some general information and buying tips on the topic of Bicycle accessories.

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