Carnelian Jewelry for Sale

The carnelian is also called blood agate. It has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 Mohs and is sometimes slightly transparent. The carnelian belongs to the quartz and is mined in India, Brazil, Botswana, and South America.
The origin of the name is not entirely clear.
Carnelian ring
The carnelian is historically used as signet ring for millennia, you can admire those even in some museums.
The carnelian has the hardness of 7 Mohs, is considered as a healing stone, and is easy to handle. The carnelian occurs mostly in shades of bright orange to dark orange, it can go over as well in the red and of course it covers

Carnelian Jewelry for Sale

all shades of brown. It is plain or mottled. The color is created by the high proportion of iron oxide. These colors blend best with silver, a silver ring or silver pendant, therefore, it is processed with real silver jewelry.

Carnelian pendant
The most beautiful raw stone comes from Africa, India, Thailand, Brazil and Australia.
When the Pharaohs of Egypt was to have a divine gem, a guaranteed life after death, it was also found in the tomb. Among the ancient Greeks, was the carnelian for the returning sun and was the most valuable gem. It is important to buy beautiful red carnelian whether pendants, rings, bracelets in silver and gold jewelry. You can always find them at the best price online and in the store.
Carnelian earrings and health
They say the carnelian has healing effects in the mental health area, such as headache, body aches, cough, or fever, and it also strengthens the immune system, as well as promote blood circulation, so good for the circulation, the libido and the general well-being. It should have a cleansing function of blood and simplify the supply of vitamins for the body. Including, due to better circulation, which means you have a better skin and a slow wrinkling is delayed the aging process. For this, carnelian earrings are best like body chains.
The men with carnelian have a better vibe with the women.

Carnelian necklace and the psyche
The carnelian has many different psychological effects and it is easy to understand its meanings; it can activate the joy of life and protect before depression insomnia mood swings. The carnelian adds zest for life, vitality and protects against depression. It helps fight insomnia and pessimism, assists in difficult decisions, gives its wearer courage and gives more clout. The carnelian fosters community spirit and good mood.
Best worn directly on the skin as a chain.
Water, in which carnelian could work overnight, should be especially good for the metabolism, blood circulation and the digestive organs.

Carnelian bracelet
This special gem is everyone’s – attributed to the gemstone is carnelian but the zodiac sign Scorpio, Taurus and Aries. The semi-precious stone as a raw stone tumble stone, silver ring, silver pendant, chain, ball, pyramid, or Geode is available in esoteric trading.
Even with this gem, it is important to clean them regularly and also to recharge. When the Cartelist is enough to be under running water to keep it. For the man in the sun put it. The carnelian can be recharged between mountain crystals in a group. The gem can abide also like to long without the carnelian is overloaded. Then, it can make goods wonders as carnelian bracelet. You will always find gemstone jewelry in silver and gold in a wide selection at the best price.

Carnelian jewelry
Who loves red and orange, you may come around to the carnelian jewelry. You can find it mostly processed into silver as the carnelian stone is affordable.