Cardigans I will Never Know You will Never Show

I bought my first cardigan when I moved to work in an office without air conditioning and central heating. Looks collection of more than two people in one place immediately damage their internal controls for temperature and there is simply no way to have a consensus when and how many degrees the air conditioner is placed. It was sometimes warm, sometimes cold. My spirit in both cases and eventually bought a cardigan. Then another, and another, and another. Comfortable garment that can be worn wrapped clothed or tightly buttoned and according to provide varying degrees of protection against the cold inside and out. I thought almost the first I discovered how universal garment is a cardigan that can be worn casually with a tank top official with a shirt or sexy without anything underneath and there are countless variations, knitted like lace, embroidery, short and long … In no time I became a maniac.

Actually according to, spring cardigans have quite a long history. It is alleged that bear the name of the Earl of Cardigan, who invented the first men’s cardigan in the mid 19th century. The other version is that they are named after the tiny island of Cardigan in Wales, with a crocheted clothes. In any case, the cardigan becomes modern only in the twenties of last century, when Jean Patou invented the first tennis team – a white pleated skirt and white cardigan. Supported by Coco Chanel, which includes cardigans in all his collections, this comfortable garment becomes forever a part of women’s wardrobe. The designer Otto Weitz of Pringle of Scotland invented in the 30s of the last century ensemble of the same blouse and cardigan – very elegant and feminine, suitable for all ages and circumstances.
Today roamed the shops and again I caught that look primarily cardigans – Summer is so pleasant with nice colors and combinations of different materials. It seems once again going to buy one – at least I know I did not go out of style, they are comfortable, elegant and as shoes, never have enough …