Canon Launches App that Simulates Professional Cameras

Taking unique and special moment pictures is part of everyone’s life, especially those who love photography. To improve this experience, nothing better than taking advantage of the photographic effects of a real camera, such as Canon cameras. If you want to learn the basics for good photography, as well as test your knowledge, the Canon Camera Simulator app from Canon is now available  through its educational program, Canon College.
The app works as if you were in fact with a camera via PerComputer in hand. There are three game modules that will make learning much easier and fun.
Learn-At this stage you will learn exposure, aperture, speed, ISO, photometer, depth of field, motion capture and other tips.
Play-A space to test the main features of Canon DSLR cameras and view the result of each effect in the photo.
Challenge-It’s time to test what you’ve learned and make your photo worthy, as if it were from a professional. The  app  launches a challenge to adjust the camera and achieve the desired effect in the photo.
With the simulations, you can, for example, learn how to make that blurred background in the photos and take advantage of training to photograph landscapes or situations that are in motion. The tips are simple, but they make all the difference. Decrease aperture of the diaphragm, where the “f” is located, which controls the light and varies from f/2.8 to f/22 to leave the background more or less blurred, for example. It seems impossible? You can test everything with the application!
If you are intent on capturing all light in your scene, make multiple exposures with different EV settings. The result of these images can be merged into image editing software. With this help, you can refine details and colors. This effect is called HDR.