Camouflage Nails: Trends of Reconstruction and Nail Art

What is the meaning of camouflage? How is it applied on the nails? What are the gel to be used?Here’s all you need to know about the camouflage technique and nail trends 2012, direct from NY City!
Nail Camouflage technique is to reconstruct the nail so that it looks as natural as possible. To do this, the cosmetic case that specialise in nail design have developed more and more perfect products and techniques to obtain a new nail bed completely rebuilt, as well as a perfect shape of the nail in his C-shape.

Camouflage nails: gel

The camouflage can be performed on all types of nails because you need to mask the imperfections in the nail plate, riempendone grooves and leaving it smooth and supple. The camouflage is, therefore, suitable for any kind of requirement and can be performed in specialized centers using specific products including:

  1. Amonophasic camouflage gel preferably with styling and features auto-leveling: This allows you to run a curvature C without dripping on the cuticles. This UV gel curing UV lamp needs
  2. A gel natural camoflage hue (beige, pink, transparent white, peach) used to run alengthening of the nail bed; It is applied in the 2nd phase, modeling, to cover any imperfections such as blemishes, imperfections, cracks, bends, etc.
  3. It must be said that the application of the gel must be preceded by a nail cleansing treatment that you get with cleaning products, but above all with the filing of the nail and cuticles in a professional manner and using the appropriate templates.

The camouflage gel can be used to obtain:

  • Excellent coverage of the nail bed
  • Fix toenail problems especially in cases of nail biting
  • They are also known as builder as they are auto-shaping

On them you are running in a second step the curve C with a suitable instrument and the french or the real decoration “camouflage”.
Indeed, although the camouflage is intended only as a technique of reconstruction of nail bed in order to give the nail a new life made of color and shape, it, especially in America, is also a nail decoration effect. What does the camoflage nail art? The term Camouflage means “camouflage” and in aesthetic medicine is understood as a process that is used to “confuse” the imperfections going beyond mere coverage but, in fact, created performances.

Camouflage nails: new trends in decoration 2012

In the world of nail art, probably, this type of decoration was introduced by famous Chanel nail to camouflage blemishes on the occasion of the presentation of the line Les Khakis. The spots offered by Chanel, in fact, were not random but came directly from a fashion trend in the United States, the spotted fingernails! Today, the camouflage effect was decidedly resumed and revisited, becoming a real design that is to nail camouflage. The aim is also to be matched with anything you wear any make-up. In particular, the spots that were scattered with regularity on each nail, have transformed themselves into different coloration of each nail, since even thepainting of hands.
The shape of your nails, though with curving C perfectly modeled, has changed significantly by the end of 2011 and will tend to change for 2012. Even the camouflage so, followed by another form that is slanted and with a distinctly oval.
The french, as we had already seen in the past year, has been tipped to acquire the black bezel instead of the classic white. Absolute trend of 2012 are the glitter and glitter Nail Polish which, if associated with the camouflage, allow to create a colorful hand, with fingernails different from one another, tended to court, rounded and slightly squared off. Colorful trend in the world of manicure, moreover, had also been anticipated by Layla line that already produces a line of nail polishes that are transformed into a real camouflage once applied on the nail, called “mimetic effect”.