By Which Huawei Would Not Manufacture The Google Pixel That Has Finally Built HTC

In a few hours we will have among us the new Google Pixel, devices that start a new path in the company of Mountain View premiering his new philosophy: made by Google. As usual, already we have known practically everything related to your hardware, failing that the company responsible for maticen some data or expand them.
It also subtracted the portion of the software, although about Nougat 7.1 there has also been some to other filtration. But it is now bring you a curious story, the story of Why have these Google Pixel been built by HTC and not by Huawei, the manufacturer that was initially intended to do with the work. The information comes from within own Chinese giant, mindful of what happened.

At Huawei he played him a second year

Google has spent several years with its Nexus terminals on the market. Even before that they would be Nexus, as he used devices competition building for their purposes but not arrived with brands developed by the own Google. How to work always was the same: contracts for one or several years, the manufacturer he touched built devices for the Alphabet G.
Thus became the Nexus One by HTC, which had been preceded by the HTC G1 and then the HTC Dream. Samsung shift left the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, and hence the witness gave way to LG. The Korean manufacturer was responsible for those who have been the two models most popular Nexus in terms of sales, the Nexus 4 LG and LG Nexus 5.
The Pixel should be Huawei and not HTC, it was the second year of the Chinese
The following year was Motorola with its Nexus 6 of “self-made”, because both companies then roamed the same way, but the following year the line was unfolded for the first time. The first year in which the Nexus were a couple, LG was the smallest (5 X) and Huawei took the biggest (6 p), a smartphone that It won the audience thanks to its good performance and criticisms.
But Huawei it was another year of collaboration with Google. The Chinese manufacturer should develop two models next year Nexus, now called Google Pixel, and finally the agreement broke, even though may be a tablet without presenting to maybe know tomorrow. Something happened and the contract of the Pixel shift country and hands: China he travelled to Taiwan and went into the pocket of HTC.

More than a simple logo

In today, it transpired that the reason that Huawei over to not build the Pixel was by its logo. The Nexus have always carried the logo of its manufacturer joining the Nexus brand, but this year Google wanted to change the format. The Google Pixel would be signed by a brief and meaningful “made by Google”, no trace of its manufacturer. Something with which Huawei would have not compromised.
However, it seems that the reasons for the breakdown of the agreement not only cemented itself should appear Huawei on the housing of the terminals. As it has investigated Android Police, relations between the two companies would have already cooled because of failure to comply with Google’s past 2015 Huawei Nexus 6 p distribution agreement.
According to the sources consulted, Huawei would have obtained commitment to Google market the Nexus 6 p through four major suppliers in the United States. The idea was attractive to Huawei, which thus saw the possibility of introducing its brand in the hands of Google in a number of U.S. retailers. The opportunity to reach Street, contact with customers.
The Nexus 6 p should exit Google shop in direction of Verizon and other distributors, but never did
Huawei had the firm intention that their agreement be fulfilled and that your Nexus 6 p came to American customers via Verizon, Amazon, Best Buy and B & H, but Google demanded an exclusive to the United States and its online store. Both the 5 Nexus X for LG as the Nexus 6 p of Huawei would soon reach the traditional channels. This turn of events did not like to a Huawei decided, finally, removed the Pixel project, and the Nexus 6 p never reached the channel promised by Googe.
Against all odds, relations were resumed to launch the construction of three other mobile for 2016, but Google already had other plans in terms of design. Page and Brin boys wanted to keep to the manufacturer in the background and it was that Huawei, definitely, arose from the negotiating table. Leaving via free, therefore, to the HTC that tomorrow will present the two phones “made by Google”.

Huawei not lost everything

Interestingly, these negotiations carried out by Huawei, Google and the Quartet of major distributors for the marketing of the Nexus 6 p Yes produced some fruit. The Nexus of Huawei model never became that channel but sitting at that table made that both Huawei and Verizon impressed relations.
These relationships are the ones that, to ultimately allowed that Huawei introduced own terminals in the catalog of the American operator, although the results have not met any of the parties and at this time they are in stand-by. Honor 8, last terminal launched there, seems to have been lower than expected sales and everything is back to cool.
A mobile Huawei and Google for 2017? It is still possible
The consequences of this unsuccessful negotiations, both with the Nexus 6 p the non-existent Huawei Pixel, became also the directive dome of the Chinese giant in United States. The manufacturer said to Android Police that part of the U.S. team of Huawei had abandoned the company, general manager for USA included.
This is the story that led to the Google Pixel have been built by HTC, a manufacturer that transigió to requests from Google, and not a Huawei that, by twists of fate, could develop a phone for Google in 2017. Although this information is too weak and will have to be proven more later.