Buying Guide for Modern Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor equipment – everything for on the go

We can’t get enough of it – is the talk of outdoor equipment. Long ago are the days in which long and hard tours with little comfort to equate were numbered. Many little helpers such as cooker, headlamp, or water filters are no longer in the outdoor area. Mission makes pleasant life in the open air, is lightweight, robust, and allows more time to that focusing on what one happens around.

For the Outdoorküche

A hungry tours partners is usually a poor tour partner. There has long been no reason to do more at the open-air kitchen smears. Modern makers have a high efficiency and can run on many fuels. This saves space and weight.
Also there are clever, easy and space-saving solutions that are made from modern materials such as aluminium or titanium for pots and utensils in the modern mission.
Right away are the civilization on tour for several days, are also delicious menus from manufacturers such as travel lunch available, which leave no wishes unfulfilled by the soup over the main course to dessert.

Outdoor equipment for water treatment and transport

Drinking water is one of the most critical factors in a tour. The carrying of the stock over several days will be difficult and will get hardly on a system for water treatment by. Whether chemical or mechanical treatment of water, in our range a variety of modern solutions by manufacturers such as, for example, Katadyn, MSR and Steripen can be found.

Lighting, navigation, watches and tools

The lighting, such as headlamp or LED lamp, are also indispensable in the field of outdoor equipment. Allow, for example, the awakening at night to the sunrise at the summit to enjoy or cooking in the dark at night.
These can be found as well as equipment for navigation, knives, watches and tools in our range.

Other outdoor equipment for on the go

Everything on the packing list for the backpack can be found in our product range. These include in particular trekking poles, sleeping bags and tents in addition to the already mentioned equipment.
But also outdoor equipment from apparel cannot be missed of course. This includes the functional underwear as well as modern raincoats.
With modern outdoor equipment, it is prepared for any situation and can often forgo much excess weight. So the backpack is comfortable to wear and nothing in the way is the enjoyment on the tour.