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The invention of the rhinestone one day effectively revolutionized the jewelry world. Since the mid-18th century, the rhinestone joined his triumph as imitation diamonds. In English there are still the name rhinestone Strass, because formerly crystals from the Rhine were used as gemstone imitations. The Latin term imitation was also long used for diamond imitations. in 1996, the jewellery giant Swarovski could secure the rhinestones as a trademark. But why did the rhinestone – a jewelry term today almost anyone can – start with something really his name? Indeed, this has something to do with its inventor.

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Rhinestone – a resourceful Goldsmith from Alsace

The French kings were known from time immemorial for its pomp and luxury. It was no different under Louis XV; the demand for his court to jewelry and plaster was almost insatiable. Of Georg Friedrich (later Georges Frédéric) sidewalk or rhinestone born 1701, in the vicinity of Strasbourg was devoted by youth in the development of gemstone imitations made of glass. By the rear glueing special lead glass with metal foil, that could be sanded like gemstone, the crucial breakthrough came soon. Not even 30 years old, he opened his own workshop in Paris and was awarded the title “King’s jeweler” soon. His invention made him rich and he could sit with only 52 years to rest and enjoy a very long life.

A breakthrough invention for fashion

In Paris called the new rhinestones of pierres de Rhinestones, so “Strass stones”. Quickly established the term “Rhinestones”. With his invention, the jewelry was born in the broadest sense. Now, it was possible to beautify themselves with sumptuous headdress jewelry not only the rich. Rhinestone was much more affordable than real diamonds and fashion and jewellery designers of the following times made ample use of the new material. Until today, we benefit from the invention of the rhinestones. Rhinestone jewelry allows brilliant performances, even with limited budget eventually every woman.

Improved technologies for color variety

Meanwhile, the technologies for the production of Strass have greatly improved. Through the evaporation of metal oxides, the refraction of light evokes iridescent color games on the faceting of the glass.Rhinestone has longer no image as diamond for poor people. Many jewelry designers from rank pay homage to the rhinestone and design high quality jewelry of all kinds. Noble, rhinestone-studded necklaces, bracelets and earrings make every woman to the Queen. Sparingly used Rhinestones, however, Ed jewels of fine understated and betray nothing, that it is “Imitation”.

Shine in all colours of the Rainbow

Processed in high craftsmanship, Strass decorated jewelry is incredibly diverse and no longer confined to the imitation of diamonds. The modern rhinestones glitter in all colors of the Rainbow. You are with beads, with each other or combined with colorless stones. There are jewelry occupied with Rhinestone in antique design as well as in modern and cool designs. Ultimately, rhinestone for every type of jewellery has something to offer. It can be elegant, glamorous and voluptuous, even extravagant, fun and original. Many women have still every reason to be grateful to Georg Friedrich Strass for his invention. He has given more shine with her life.