Buy Climbing Tape

Protect fingers and joints with the proper tape
A good tape not only helps to protect the fingers from superficial injuries such as scratches and cracks but also can prevent that the joints from being strained. An overview on the topic of tape while climbing is given here.

The appropriate width of climbing tape
Not all hands are equal. To meet the different hand and finger sizes of climbers, climbing tape manufacturers offer different widths. Depending on the finger, as every climber can decide individually what tape it makes on the simplest wrapping. Tip: If no way to test available is easy on glove sizes Orient (6-9 more narrow tape, 10-12 wide tape). If necessary you can cut through to wide tape longitudinal! Besides a slightly wider tape has the advantage to offer more stability and strength. It is recommended for long trips (Big wall, alpine climbing). Narrower tape is more flexible to bind and sticks less intensively. It is recommended especially for boulder and tech-savvy climbers.
Insert tape
In addition to the composition of the tape itself, find the right technology for use. It is the easiest way to obtain information from experienced climbers.