Button, Symbol of Power!

My column of the month in VOi Magazine was about cufflinks. I think it’s worth sharing the text here too:
Many do not even know of the existence of this accessory and others think that its use is already outdated.
The truth is that wearing cufflinks has never gone out of style and is synonymous with elegance and power. Although always associated with formal attire, the cufflinks have become a trend among men with style and are attentive to the small detail that makes the difference.
The cufflinks are designed to be used as a button that holds the two sides of the hem of a shirt with a more elegant detail than a simple button.
Today there are several models of cufflinks, from the classic ones, marketed by big luxury brands, like more modern versions that can be used for a less formal look.
How To Wear A Cufflink?
It is best to wear them with double-cuffed shirts, but nothing prevents you from wearing with simple cuff shirts. Another option, more fun, is to wear the button on the collar (in the house of the first button of the shirt).
It is also indicated the use of a watch accompanying the button on the wrist. Remember that the metal of the cufflink should be the same as the watch, that is, if the cufflink is gold, the watch should also be gold.
It pays to have an accessory like this to wear it at a meeting or some formal event. But remember to have common sense when it comes to choosing and using. See if it will not look very flashy in the look and is combining with the event in question.