Brazilian Soccer Team 1970

Over the years, there have been many football teams that speak to the imagination. World Champion Brazil from 1970 is such a law. This law, once considered one of the best teams. Four minutes before the end of the World Cup final 1970 Tostao clears it, when the ball was at the feet of Everaldo, Clodoaldo, Gerson, Pele, Rivelino, Jairzinho and Pelé, who put the ball blindly devoted to the emerging right-back Carlos Alberto. He made it 4-1, Brazil grabs his third world title and allowed the Jules Rimet Cup.This attack in which nearly all 11 players had a share was the highlight of?? The Beautiful Team?? Since this Brazilian team was called.

The run-up to the football World Cup 1970

The failed WORLD CUP 1966 was exactly the change from the team that had grown during the 1958 and 1962 world champion and the team that would win the World Cup in 1970. After the first round of Brazil was already at home. During the tournament where the likes of Garrincha, Djalma Santos, Bellini and the goalkeeper Gilmar lost his footing. Young people as a defender midfielder striker Brito, Tostao and Gerson had beaten during the World Cup at the door for a starting point.
All the stars from the 1958 and 1962 had already been worthy successors. Carlos Alberto became the new right-back in place of Djalma Santos. Jairzinho had a little while left winger played, but now was the right striker instead of Garrincha. Central Defender Bellini was replaced by Brito. Only the legendary goalkeeper Gilmar could find coach Aymoré Moreira but hard for an appropriate successor. Moreira was Vicente Feola will follow after the failure of the WORLD CUP in 1966. Goalkeepers have always been a problem in Brazil, but when Gilmar era then. The weak goalie Portoguesa and Fluminense would later Felix finally win the battle. All the Gilmar back regularly until 1969 in the Brazilian goal, he was now the nearly 40! The only player remaining from 1958-1962 generation was clearly star player Pele, he was still 30 years old, so the best years were still to come. As it first seemed. In the run-up to the football World Cup was Pele hopelessly out of shape, and openly doubted a starting point for the Brazilian number 10. Finally, Pelé on April 26, 1970 against Bulgaria to sit yet another match on the bench.
From 1969 João Saldanha was the successor to coach Aymoré Moreira. Saldanha was just not as aware of the political game that has always been in Brazilian soccer. Brazil’s president looked like Dario and Arilson of Selecao?? ?? but Saldanha met advice in the wind. In fact, he bet the President?? I still don’t say who you are as a minister should take?! Saldanha was fired and Mario Zagalo was his successor. Zagalo was himself in 1958 and 1962 and became world champion left striker. He would be the first in history in 1970 that became world champion as a player and coach. Franz Beckenbauer was second in 1974 and 1990 that performed it.
The end of 1969, the Brazilian team faced a major setback. Striker Tostao, who became the top scorer in qualifying with 10 goals, was forced to undergo a serious eye operation. Doctors feared for his football career, but it seems unfounded. Tostao even get the World Cup. Brazil could travel to Mexico with full strength and was one of the big favorites. And, not least, by an impressive qualifying campaign in which Brazil won all six matches. Most contests were finished by noon. The high temperatures were clearly in favour of Brazilians with respect to the European contenders for the title. The draw determined that Brazil ended up in the same group as World Champions England, Czechoslovakia and Romania.
Brazil WORLD CUP 1970 selections including figures

Group Matches WORLD CUP 1970

Brazil began the tournament with the dream of starting line-up later?? Beautiful Team?? should be known. So very uncertain goalkeeper Felix into the goal. Brito and Piazza formed central defensive as standard and the left seemed surprisingly Everaldo. Beware of this World Cup, he won a starting spot at the expense of Marco Antonio. In the weak squad fell Commander, Carlos Alberto and back in a positive way out of kilter. Rechtshalf was a trait Clodoaldo. The other five players were the best players on the team, they were too?? The Fabulous Five?? mentioned. Gerson left midfielder and was also brilliant playmaker of the team. Tostao their smart reflective striker who played in the service of the absolute top player Pelé. On the right was the fast and far killed Jairzinho. At the last moment chose Zagalo Rivelino if left outside of Paulo Cesar. Paulo Cesar would later in the tournament still to play and proved just as in qualifying perfect twelfth man.
In the first match against Czechoslovakia, Pelé had directly see to be in top form. He lobte by half from a position the ball over as goalkeeper Viktor yesterday just outside the goal. After a quick order book arcs Rivelino, Pele and Jairzinho twice the score 0-1 to 4-1. The tone for the rest of the tournament. Before the match against the strong British Paulo Cesar came into the squad for Gerson, despite the fact that he had replaced at the Czech-Slovaks. Even in this game, Pele did contradict themselves a chance to Miss?? ??. An approach shot from the right wing was led by Pele almost perfectly. Only through a supreme effort by the legendary English goalkeeper Banks prevented a goal.This seemingly impossible rescue would be remembered as? Save of the century??. In addition, Jairzinho scored the only goal of the game and ensure that Brazil had at one point enough to qualify for the quarterfinals. In the final group game was left outside Rivelino sacrificed for Defender Fontana to secure the crucial point. Brazil won with two goals by Pelé and one by Jairzinho 3-2.

Knock-out phase of the WORLD CUP 1970

In Peru, the surprising quarterfinal waited, Teofilo Cubillas was a global player. In a nice game Brazil won thanks to goals by Rivelino, Tostao and Jairzinho again. Gershon was back to the team. Marco Antonio was chosen over Everaldo, but played in the semi-final against Uruguay Everaldo again? 6??, as a left back position is called in Brazil. Despite an early deficit with a goal of Cubilla the portly right winger from Uruguay, Brazil did not panic. The class difference between the two countries was so great that the yellow-blue simply went out to a 3-1 lead. This time surpassed Clodoaldo, Jairzinho and Rivelino goals again. Brazil was back in the final and had until now left a lasting impression. The question was not whether Brazil was going to be world champion, but that point.
The opponent was Italy who had reached the finals by a maniac 4-3 victory over West Germany. The catenaccio fourth still thriving in Italy. The Italian coach had been the hero in the semifinals, the European Footballer of the year 1969, Gianni Rivera, left out of the squad. He didn’t dare both Sandro Mazzola and Gianni Rivera set. A windfall for Brazilian. As well as quick 1-0 lead from Pele, who thereby became the second player after Vavá, who had scored in two World Cup finals. Brazilian played, as well as throughout the tournament, great, but it worked the sloth in his hand. By stupid turnovers back Boninsegna receipt on disk and thereby penalized the Brazilian pride switch. After the break suggested?? The Beautiful Team?? order. A long shot from Gerson, Jairzinho scoring again took a 3-1 half-time. Through this goal by Jairzinho became the first and so far only player in World Cup history was made in all competitions until the final. Brazil completed the tournament in style with the hard slider Carlos Alberto who was a combination be preceded with all eleven players. By Mauro Bellini in 1958 and 1962, Carlos Alberto on the third Brazilian captain Jules Rimet Cup?? that is, The Golden Goddess?? pick.
Never had a team won so convincingly to the world, just the sheer number of targets stood out. This also gave the weakness in the rear guard. In addition, this was the only tournament where the team showed their skills. The WK1966 was a failure, and in 1974 was starting only really Jairzinho, Rivelino and Piazza. In addition, there were between 1967 and 1975 no South American Championship where Brazil could flames. In fact, it was already done in 1971 with The Beautiful Team?? ??. On July 18, 1971, Pelé played his last international match against Yugoslavia and thus brought an end to the Dream Team? ??.Gerson and Tostao ended in 1972 as international and Carlos Alberto got 1972 was seriously injured and returned only 1976 back in national team, this time as a free lawyer.

Compared with the champion of 1958 and 1962 World

in 1970 the team was of course compared to the Brazilian team were world champions in 1958 and 1962.The team of 1970 was truly a very convincing champion and probably played more beautiful football.Still, the team of 58-62 much more complete. Both attack lines do little for each other. Garrincha was admittedly was more brilliant than the very scoring Jairzinho, left outside Zagalo was unable to compete again in the left leg Rivelino. Game makers and Didi Didi Gershon was probably something more complete. The big difference is in the back five. The rechtervleugel-Defender Djalma Santos and Carlos Alberto were both world class. The rest of the squad of 1970 was not to write home. In 1958/1962 were on a defender Nilton Santos and in the end it was the only Brazilian class keeper so far: Gilmar. The double world champion team from 1958-1962, they had better players, but the better football team came out in 1970, The Beautiful Team?? ??.