Bra: How to Choose the Right Model after the Implant?

The first act of a woman who put her dentures in the breasts is to change all the old Bras, after all, the size has changed. The breasts are now large and tired, and some women even want to use bra! Before that you need to take some care important, see our tips:

Padded bra

Should be avoided in the first three months not to impair wound healing. After this, frequent use is not indicated, as this may dislodge the prosthesis. In addition, the models need to be thin foam to prevent excess volume in the region.

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No bra

This is a matter that requires common sense, adjusting the clothing for professional and leisure situations. Usually the nipple is apparent, a nice trick is to use adhesives on skin color to disguise them.

New size, old model

The increase of one to two numbers on the mannequin, so no insist on using the old models. The appearance is flattened, which gives the impression of weight gain.

At the time of purchase

Note that the size of the breasts has changed, but not the back. Check with the seller if there are models adapted to this difference in numbering. Remember that the support is important to let the slender silhouette. If the dummy went for a size G opt for firm handles and a reinforced base to accommodate the new stuffing. And don’t forget to adjust them properly, they have to stay straight.
Important:After surgery, it is necessary to use a post-surgical bra from one to three months, according to medical indication. Here at NEXTICLE you can get more different models of the bras. After that, until complete healing, avoid models that mark the skin. Adopt the seamless tops which are ideal for this.
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