Bouldering Techniques for Indoor Rock Climbing

Bouldering – technique, strength and life

Bouldering is climbing without a rope and belt on jumping height. Object of desire are often free-standing boulders (English “Boulder”) found in the famous areas such as Fontainebleau or the rocklands. The Boulder, so the short routes on the block up in technically demanding and require much sense of movement, strength and creativity.
But bouldering is compressed much more than climbing. Bouldering is a way of life. Regardless of whether it is – operated in the Boulderhalle or real rock bouldering is sociable, it loads to the try an and above all to the common fiddle around for a solution.

Bouldering on stone blocks in the open

countless boulders are scattered all over the world that await you with a virtually infinite number of routes. Each with a movement combination in itself. It must be not always the far abroad with his famous Boulderspots. Also Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can boast many unique areas. There is of course the correct Boulderführer for the target area with us.
Much doesn’t need it to bouldering, eliminating the entire backup facilities similar to that seen by climbing,. A few climbing shoes and a chalk bag, a Crashpad maybe a brush for cleaning, then go already. Of course should grade dominated the right pool outdoors and be taken into consideration on the nature.

Bouldering on Artificial handles in the Hall

often can you not so often go out on the rock how to have pleasure to bouldering. Or simply enjoy bouldering in the Hall with the corresponding sense of community. According to the number of Boulderhallen has increased rapidly in recent years and can be found in almost every major city now at least a Hall in the the Routenschrauber have given everything, to still drop the aspirants on the crux move.
There are many benefits of bouldering in the Hall. It is possible all year round you needed only a few climbing shoes, a chalk bag and you’re ready to go.

Better climbing through bouldering

it is no coincidence that many of today’s best climbers such as Chris Sharma or Adam Ondra have also a pronounced Boulderphase behind him. Bouldering teaches the technique and coordination like no other game form of climbing. Also, most tours require some body tension and force.
The training theory is therefore agreement that regular Bouldersessions should be an integral part of a balanced exercise plan.

Equipment and apparel for bouldering

Lot of equipment is not required for bouldering. Include above all climbing shoes, a large chalk bag or also Boulderbag called the elemental Boulderausrüstung and is a brush to clean the handles. Should it go on the rock, is still a Crashpad. This gives it in various shapes and sizes, from many major manufacturers such as Black Diamond and Edelrid but also by small brand for connoisseur Ocun Chillaz, Kharko.
The clothing it’s especially on freedom of movement. Accordingly, there are corresponding climbing pants for bouldering. Many of the best rock climbing pants manufactured here by the Szenelables E9, monkee Chillaz.
Bouldering – hard trains, cool moves and lots of fun with like-minded people.