Boulderführer (29)

A Boulderführer shows new problems!

What little pleasant reads in the header, is the primary reason for a boulderer, to invest his precious savings in Boulderführer. Because in these close relatives of the climbing Guidebook boulderers find all information they need to find the best boulders in an unknown area. The climbing routes are located on these boulders are known in the jargon as ‘Problems’ and are exactly what is shown in a Boulderführer.

Boulderführer for blocks all around the world

The beauty of the bouldering is that it reduces climbing on the essentials. You must not worry complicated rope techniques, alpine dangers, or endless equipment. Everything you need is a Crashpad, a chalk bag and just the right Boulderführer. You need no high mountains, which it relies on Yes as a mountaineer. Bouldering need also no ice as nunmal is required for ice climbing. There are blocks with exciting routes all over the world, often to find the best Bouldergebiete quite unexpectedly in the lowlands. You can plan a Bouldertrip everywhere in the world and is also guaranteed a suitable Boulderführer.

What information gives me a Boulderführer?

, A Boulderführer contains a variety of valuable information, what but can vary from Publisher to Publisher. Particularly in smaller Bouldergebieten, there is often only a single Boulderführer, which was put together by one of the local bouldering. These books are often only in one language, usually the local language of the area. For large areas such as the French Fontainebleau, however, there are a variety of Boulderführern in any language. Boulderführer often describe the arrival and give information about campsites or hostels. Almost always is found important information about climbing and regulations in the introduction, which of course strictly to consider. Of course, there is also information about the approach routes to the blocks, to the exact location of the route and their difficulties. You can easily find a problem that one fits perfectly into the collar.